Map of UK’s most haunted places released by experts just in time for Halloween

The end of October is a great time for a staycation, maybe use up some left over holiday time from work – but it’s also the spookiest time of the year.

Halloween is a special time when the veil between the natural and the supernatural worlds is at its thinnest

So how about a spooky break in a haunted village? Self-catering experts Remote Cottages have come up with a list of the UK’s most haunted locations and tips for finding the supernatural, with support from experienced paranormal investigators.

They’ve also commissioned a map showing the country’s most haunted locations, scroll down to see the UK's supernatural hotspots.

Once you’ve selected your haunted holiday home, there are a few tips from Nick Howe of Paranormal Research Investigators on how to search for spooks.

He recommends that you thoroughly research the locations you are visiting – you can find tons of information online. Search out places of interest such as historical sites and old pubs.

Don't assume that ghostly activity is limited to night time, Nick says. There are more daytime sightings than people would generally assume. In fact, fear of the dark can cause people to think they have spotted something when they haven’t.

He also points out that ghostly encounters aren’t necessarily visual. Be aware of subtle changes in the atmosphere. Things to be aware of are cold spots, unusual breezes or gusts of wind, smells, and feelings of static in the air.

Have a notebook and pen handy to record what you find, says Nick, or better still, an audio recorder so you can keep an at the moment record of anything unusual. And remember to take photos or videos as a visual reminder of your location and you may even capture something this way. Nick’s team has recorded unearthly voices before.

If you're with somebody or a group of people, ask them if they're experiencing anything unusual when you do. It's always best to compare your experiences to check whether they’re in the room or in your head.

Nick says it’s also worth using tools such as divining rods or a pendulum with a crystal to locate ghostly presences or ley lines – some ghost hunters have found these to be very effective.

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A poll of adults in the UK revealed that a third (33%) believed in the supernatural, with a fifth of respondents (21%) saying that they were undecided.

Two-fifths (40%) of the respondents who were either believers or unsure stated that they have experienced something that they feel could have been paranormal.*

Based on documented evidence, the Top 5 most haunted locations in the UK are…

Pluckley, Kent.

Listed as the UK’s most haunted village in the 1989 Guinness Book of World Records. An astounding 16 separate ghosts have been reported to reside in the village, including a phantom coach and horses and The Lady of Rose Court, who is said to have poisoned herself in despair over a love triangle.

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Blickling Hall, Norfolk.

The birthplace of Anne Boleyn who was famously beheaded on the orders of her husband, Henry VIII, after she failed to bear him an heir. There are reports that her beheaded body roams the corridors at night.

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Pendle Hill, Lancashire.

In the 17th century, 10 witches were sentenced to death and buried under the hill.

Their spirits can be found roaming the hill and surrounding villages looking for revenge on those who buried them.

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Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire.

Built in the 12th century on top of where two ley lines cross, paranormal activities are never few and far between at the Ancient Ram Inn. It is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Britain – some of the occupants include two lustful demons (an incubus and a succubus) and a ghostly witch.

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Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon.

The Tudor castle is allegedly home to a pair of supernatural figures. The Lady in Blue roams the tower windows of the castle’s remains, luring in anyone who is unfortunate enough to lock eyes with her from the ground below. The Lady in White patrols the castle’s abandoned dungeons waiting for her long-dead sister to release her.

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