Man follows abandoned dogs and finds something beautiful waiting

An animal rescuer was shocked by the bond between two female dogs he found – as one of them travelled for help after both gave birth to puppies. 

Niall Harbison is a dog rescuer in Thailand who is trying to save 10,000 abandoned pooches a month through donations. 

This week, he posted a video showcasing the incredible friendship between two dogs recently been abandoned by the side of a busy road due to both of them being pregnant. 

The animals, who have now been named Wilma Flinstone and Betty Rubble, travelled to higher ground and found a cave to have their puppies as the weather in the local area was stormy and “horrific”y, according to Niall. 

After one of the dogs had given birth to nine healthy puppies, she travelled to find humans to help which is when Niall discovered her. 

Niall posted a video of both Wilma and Betty to Twitter, where it has received over 300,000 views. 

He wrote: “If you think animals don’t have feelings and can’t remember things this story proves very different.”

In the video, one of the dogs can be seen beckoning Niall to follow her in a forest, and the pair travel up a hill until he comes across a cave. 

In the clip, Niall captioned the video: “They worked as a team and today the mother who had already had her puppies wanted [to] show us something.”

Inside, Niall finds a litter of puppies before noticing another dog who has also just given birth to a litter of puppies. 

He said the dog “really wanted to show us the other mother”. 

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In the video, Niall calls both dogs “the most beautiful thing ever” and added he had never seen anything like this in all his time as a rescuer. 

On Twitter, Niall has given an update on how Wilma and Betty, as well as their puppies, are doing. They were both rescued in September 2022. 

He wrote: “After getting them to a safe place and sterilized and fully healthy I hadn’t seen Betty and Wilma for four months as they are in a different area to me.”

Niall also posted a video in which Wilma and Betty wag their tails before jumping up and licking him as they reunite.

He said the pair “immediately showed their appreciation for their rescue and help” as soon as they saw him.

Niall has said both Wilma and Betty are still looking for a home, but it is “very hard to find”. He said it would be “ideal” if they could both be homed together due to the bond they have formed. 

He added: “Despite being street dogs these two sisters have stuck together. They also now help as foster mums for the dozens of puppies we see dumped on a weekly basis.” 

Niall currently looks after 80 street dogs, and funds his project through donations online, as buying food and medical care for the dogs can cost up to $3,000 (£2,400) a month. 

On his website, Niall wrote: “Every penny donated goes directly towards helping the dogs. I donate all my time for free and I also cover any banking or platform fees to ensure it helps the dogs directly.

“I am working towards having a facility and more people in an organisation to really help more dogs at scale so every penny helps.”

If you are interested in helping Niall, a link to his donation page can be found here. 

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