Man claims weve all been using car parks wrong by not parking on lines

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A man claims we have all been parking our cars wrong and has shared a video to show the “correct” method.

The TikToker suggested that instead of focusing on parking cars right in the middle of a spot, drivers should aim to have one side on a line.

He discovered the unusual hack after going to pick up a vehicle form a General Motors lot in the US.

“What if I told y'all we've been parking in parking spots wrong the whole time?” he asked.

"This is where we pick up GM trucks, look how they're parked – they're parked on the line. You see how evenly spaced they are?

"Imagine if everyone at Walmart parked on the line, it would lessen the amount of dings and give you space to get in and out of your car.

"We've been doing it wrong the whole time y'all."

Since being shared to his account @bigbruva_77, the video has been seen more than 4 million times.

But it divided opinion among viewers, with some loving the idea and others finding problems with it.

“Wow, the parking spot looks twice as big,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Wow, can’t believe how simple that is.”

Someone else was less impressed, saying it only worked in the video because all the car’s were the same size.

And a fourth pointed out: “It only works if everyone did this though which would never happen.”

The uploader responded to the criticisms of the concept in another video, admitting he knew it wasn’t a “feasible thing”.

“I know it ain’t a feasible thing because people can’t park and no it’s not the same as parking in the middle because when you try and park in the middle you’re guessing to be even,” he said.

“It was just an idea, it’s wishful thinking, it’ll be cool if it happened but it’d take an act of Congress to happen.”

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