Liverpool fans protest against owners FSG's Super League plot outside Anfield ahead of Newcastle game but cheer team bus

LIVERPOOL fans are the latest to launch a furious protest against their club’s owners amid the failed European Super League breakaway.

Supporters descended on Anfield on Saturday morning ahead of the lunchtime kick off against Newcastle.

Banners displaying messages such as ‘Spirit of Shanks, Not Greedy Yanks’ and ‘FSG rats’ were placed for the Reds’ team coach to see on route to the ground.

Liverpool’s American owner John W Henry is refusing to sell the club amid the European Super League fiasco despite widespread calls for him to get out.

But despite their anger towards the chief, fans cheered loudly for the team as the coach pulled up for the clash after skipper Jordan Henderson spoke out against the ESL breakaway.

Former Liverpool and Real Madrid star Steve McManaman was covering the game for BT Sport.

He said: “It’s been a city full of anger and resentment

“They want to support the team. They understand that the resentment is directed at a group of people, not anyone associated with this football club here. It’s shameful.”

Reds legend Jamie Carragher is one of thousands of Liverpool fans calling for the American to leave but the billionaire has dug his heels in and said: “My work is not done.”

Henry was one of the main protagonists in the group whose plans would have destroyed football.



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However the Reds joined their greedy counterparts in backing out of the close shop franchise league on Tuesday night.

Liverpool eventually released a video from the Fenway Sports Group chief on Wednesday morning in which Henry finally apologised for dragging the Reds' name through the mud.

But within the statement was a clear message about his future as owner.

He said: "More than a decade ago when we signed up with the challenges associated with football, we dreamed of what you dreamed of. And we've worked hard to improve your club. Our work isn't done."

Chelsea were the first to break ranks after fans gathered outside Stamford Bridge to voice their anger, with Manchester City following soon after.

Then Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal all announced they were quitting the doomed project hours later.

Angry Reds fans hung angry banners at Anfield – which were still there on Wednesday morning – and also protested outside Elland Road ahead of Monday's game against Leeds.

Only Arsenal could bring themselves to actually say sorry for the ridiculous plans straight away with the other six renegade clubs releasing pathetic dismissive statements.

But that did not stop thousands of Gooners heading to the Emirates last night for another angry protest with resulted in police being called to intervene.

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