Life of worlds most tattooed OAP who inked 97% of skin and found perfect match

The world has lost a colourful character after the recent death of the world's most tattooed senior man.

Partners Charles "Chuck" Helmke, 81, and Charlotte Guttenberg, 74, from America, have covered most of their bodies in tattoos over the years.

They’re so dedicated to the craft that they spent over 2,000 hours combined getting inked.

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Sadly, according to the Guinness World Records, Chuck, died on March 12 at his home in Florida, surrounded by his loving children and heartbroken partner.

The happy couple shared a love for body art and earned a string of tattoo-based record titles between them.

Chuck became the most tattooed senior citizen (male) in 2016 97.5% of his body tattooed – and his record still stands today.

Charlotte trumped him, however, as she has 98.75% of her body covered in ink. She holds the record for the most tattooed senior citizen (female).

Chuck also held the record for most skulls tattooed on the body (male) with 376.

His tattoo journey started in 1959 when he was 18 years old and in basic training for the US Army.

He got two more tattoos that same day, but it was only 41 years later that he got another, opting to cover up third-degree burns scars on his arms.

Charlotte’s love for ink started much later in life at the age of 57 but it was that shared love that brought them together.

They had both been married before when they met during one of Charlotte's early sessions in the tattoo parlour. Chuck offered to hold her hand through the inking and from there, their love blossomed.

He explained: “She was getting pretty ragged about the sixth hour or so when I wandered in the door and they asked me to talk to her.

“So I sat there and I babbled for a couple of hours and I don’t even remember what I said and she got through it.”

When her tattoo session was over, Chuck walked Charlotte out to her car and gave her a peck on the cheek but Charlotte lied and told him she was in a relationship.

Charlotte’s husband had passed away and she had decided she didn’t want to have another relationship – but she quickly changed her mind.

“But by the time I got home, I was like, ‘oh my God what did I do? That guy was terrific’,” Charlotte said.

While the attention the couple received while out in public wasn’t always positive, they didn’t let it affect them.

When asked to share some life advice, Chuck previously said: “The message I like to convey is to just be yourself. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, whatever it may be.

“What is the worst that could happen? They don’t like you? So what!”


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