Lad ‘ends up in A&E after he gets stoned and eats raw tripe’

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A lad has reportedly ended up in A&E after "getting stoned and eating raw tripe".

The guy's girlfriend took to Twitter to reveal his mishap in a tweet that's now gone viral.

The girl, named Jen, told her 955 followers: "Guess who’s in A&E because someone’s boyfriend got super stoned and ate raw tripe I was going to cook for dinner tomorrow."

However, it has now reached a bigger audience, with the post racking up thousands of likes.

Keen to follow on the story, Jen, from The Netherlands, later added: "Update: he’s being seen by one of the doctors. Likely just a lot of vomiting ahead of us tonight."

She then continued: "Back home. He’s vomiting violently so that’s a good sign. Raw tripe: don’t eat."

Some people couldn't believe the mishap though, as one Twitter user replied to her: "I’d love it if the NHS started billing stupid people."

While another fumed: "As if people in the NHS don't have enough to do with people who are truly ill and need to be treated and taken care of!

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Meanwhile others seemed sceptical.

One replied to her tweet: "Tripe is already cooked, if he’d of actually eaten raw tripe then he’d of eaten a live cow."

Another asked: "Where do you get raw tripe? When you buy it, it's already boiled. The only place I know that sells it raw is the pet food store… did he eat the dogs dinner?"

A third chimed in: "I never cook my tripe that I buy from the butchers. Lovely with vinegar."

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