Kylie Jenner's Daughter Gives Aunt Kim a Shoutout While Watching Keeping up with the Kardashians

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As the Kardashians continue to practice social distancing at their respective homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, they’re keeping their concentration on family.

“The sisters and Kris [Jenner] took a few weeks total break from each other,” a source recently told PEOPLE. “Now, they practice social distancing, but Kim has had Kris over at the house a few times.”

“They have food deliveries and are not going to any stores,” the source continued. “They instead order everything online. No one is complaining at all. They all know they are very lucky. They are just trying to enjoy the slower pace and extra family time.”

Jenner also briefly visited with Kardashian West, who

before the mother of four’s virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week.

Although staying at home with young children is not always easy, it does open the door for some priceless moments.

Keeping her followers uplifted, last week Jenner shared a precious photograph of her toddler poking her head out from an overflowing bubble bath.

“This pic makes me happy,” Jenner wrote alongside the image.

The reality star has also pointed out that she’s already had plenty of experience when it comes to staying indoors.

“My pregnancy prepared me for this. I didn’t leave the house for months,” Jenner, who went to great lengths to keep her pregnancy under wraps until after her daughter’s birth, said on Instagram last month. “We got this.”

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