Kingsman Umbrella and Crash Pads in Fortnite: How to use new items from update

A pair of new items entered Fortnite this morning with an overnight update.

Epic Games doesn’t release patch notes anymore, but if you play for long enough you’ll eventually spot the Kingsman Umbrella and Crash Pads. If you play around with each item a bit, you might get the hang of each item. But just in case you don’t think about a use for a certain item, we’re here to help explain what they do.

The Crash Pads are fairly simple, but the Kingsman Umbrella actually has a fair amount of use. And in case you’re wondering why it’s called that, the Umbrella is named after the Kingsman movie series. Since Chapter 2 Season 2 is based on secret agents, it only makes sense Fortnite would collab with Kingsman.

But, onto the items.

Fortnite Kingsman Umbrella

Thanks to Reddit’s SquatingDog, here’s a great breakdown of the Kingsman Umbrella gameplay.

Video of the Two New Items in Action: from r/FortNiteBR

The Kingsman Umbrella has a variety of uses.

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You can essentially think of the Kingsman Umbrella as a lightsaber. It functions very similarly, aside from the fact the Umbrella can save you from a fall.

But one thing to take note of is that it can only be used as a shield for a short time. Eventually it breaks down and allows you to be shot again, so be careful while using the shield feature.

Fortnite Crash Pads

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As I mentioned earlier, these are pretty self-explanatory.

You set one down, and you can bounce off of it. The video above shows SquatingDog jumping out of a helicopter and using one to save him from a fall, so it can work with great falls. There’s really not a whole lot else to explain, just go hop in a game and test them out.

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