Kayaker Goes on Facebook Live as He Struggles in the Ocean Shortly Before He Is Found Dead

A citizen called in emergency services around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday after spotting an empty kayak, the NSW police said, and South Coast Police District officers retrieved the man's body from the water and attempted CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene.

"Despite best efforts, the man died at the scene," the NSW police's statement said.

The man was not formally identified by police, but Worthy's Facebook account was memorialized by Wednesday, and the Live videos were soon flooded with comments from loved ones mourning his death, with many expressing regret that they had been unable to help him in his final moments.

"Always trying to help others when he needed the most. My year 10 formal date. My gentleman. My friend. I am sorry you got lost and I couldn't find you," wrote one of Worthy's friends.

"So unfair fly high mate we know your with your Dad we love you always & forever," another wrote.

On Saturday just before beginning his second Facebook Live video, Worthy shared a screen grab from Google Earth showing his exact location off the coast of Batehaven.

"I’m pretty sure this was his last call for help," another friend commented on the post. "I’m so sorry my freind [sic] I should have called Marine Rescue when I saw you struggle long with the waves I thought you could deal with it I feel so guilty for not seeing the reality of your situation."

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