Just 14 Celebrities Looking Really, Really Bored On Boats

For us plebeians, the prospect of spending a vacation lounging on a yacht is the stuff of fantasies. But boats are hard! Maybe you get seasick, or are tired of peeing in a teeny toilet, or are pretty sure sails work by witchcraft. And what about the Bermuda Triangle! Oh man, no wonder all these celebrities look unimpressed to be on vacation.

Russell Crowe is on a boat with Oprah (with her back to us in the orange shirt) and still looks like “meh, this is fine.”

Lohan was attending the 63rd International Venice Film Festival, and got to drive away in a gondola, which she was just okay with.

Another day, another floor-length gown on the water.

You think a boat is gonna impress the GOAT?

Your boo boo Leo DiCaprio is over this charming yacht brunch.

Gomez and friend Cara Delevigne took a yacht vacation together, during which both of them managed to look like this was just a normal Tuesday or something.

Yup, just another day.

Ibiza? More like I-blah-za.

The Queen has a ship named after her, so the bar is high to impress her.

This is a shot of Beyonce and Jay-Z taking a boat off of their other boat to get to their private jet.

Yawning! Yawning on a boat!

How many yachts do you think these sisters have been on in their lives? When does the novelty wear off, around yacht 50?

Ugh, another boat.

Being a coxswain is so boring.


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