John Legend Covered Selena Gomez at a Stuffed Animal Wedding (Yes, You Read That Right)

When Chrissy Teigen announced she’d be officiating a wedding between her daughter Luna’s lamb Chloe and bunny Nash on Sunday, it was pretty much a given that there would be a performance by John Legend. Rather than having Legend sing one of his own tunes, the happy couple opted for a rendition of their favorite song, Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself.” If you hadn’t thought of this as the perfect wedding ballad, think again.

Legend made sure to keep things casual by wearing a robe and holding a drink for the entire performance. In order to avoid a lyrics snafu, he made sure to have his phone at the ready as he sang a stripped-down version of the song. Teigen could barely keep things together (who could blame her?) as Legend frequently shifted between singing to the cuddly couple and her. With social distancing being the norm for the foreseeable future, perhaps we can look forward to more stripped-down covers (and maybe even another stuffed animal wedding or two?) from Legend.

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