Ive earned £500k from flaunting armpit hair – but theres some huge downsides

A woman who's made nearly £500,00 from showing off her armpit hair has revealed there's also some huge downsides to her unique career.

Fenella Fox, 30, from Worcester, said that while she enjoys the influx of cash her work brings, it has also caused her PTSD from horrific interactions with trolls.

The social media star easily rake in £8,200 a month, which has so far earned her £492,800. However, she also has to deal with haters who chip away at her self-esteem.

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Fenella, who has more than a million followers online, creates body positive photos and videos that show off her armpits, as well as filming general lifestyle vlogs. She also posts more sultry snaps on Instagram, and sells sexier snaps to subscribers too.

The content creator started posting her body hair online because she was 'fed up' with female beauty standards. However, she claims she's been subjected to horrific abuse and has even been physically 'cornered' by two men who assumed she would have a threesome with them.

"I travel a lot and one of the worst reactions to my job was someone telling me I would be hanged in their country," she told Femail. "I have also had men expect me to want to sleep with them because of my job."

Fenella says she's been a victim of stalking twice. The first time was in 2018, and she says her life 'has never been the same'. She said: "A man became obsessed with the idea of raping torturing and murdering me. I also experienced being stalked in person by another man in January this year and get long email essays from another man online regularly."

Fenella also admits she finds it difficult to connect with people outside the industry and feels like she has to lie about her job often. "I've been in the adult industry since I turned 18 (I'm now 30) and I've spent a lot of that time in my bedroom stripping for men," she said. "It would be silly to claim that it didn't do some damage."

Things aren't easy with her dating life either, as the brunette admits she gets "anxious" around me. "I'll be brave and get a kiss maybe twice a year – my lack of sex life often comes at the shock to many of my fans," she said.

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The social media star began showing her armpit hair online around six to seven years ago. She said at the time she stopped wearing makeup, styling her hair and stopped shaving and 'let her body do its natural thing'.

"I think at the time there weren't many doing what I was doing so I really stood out and it was actually really scary," she says. She said she mostly got a negative reaction at first, with people 'shocked and angry' by her modelling.

"I was going against the 'norm' and I think a lot of people (especially men) felt threatened by this. I was sexy, I was beautiful but not in a way people knew 'sexy' or 'beautiful' to be."

Fenella says nowadays it isn't as shocking as 'thousands of women' post like she does. She claims the hate is 'still as bad' by 'far less than it used to be'. And despite the downsides, there are pros to her work, she says.

"I think my family are happy I'm successful but wish the success was in another industry," Fenella admits. "I travel the world, live in luxury accommodation and eat out whenever I like. I have a lot of financial freedom but the job has taken a huge toll on my mental health and they know that."

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