Inside Lauren Goodger and Charles Drurys rocky romance as surprise second baby is announced

Lauren Goodger, 35, has shared the exciting news that she's expecting baby number two, after conceiving her second child just eight weeks after giving birth.

Under no illusions this will come as a shock to some, as it means she’ll have two children under the age of one, Lauren tells us that this pregnancy is unexpected, but exciting.

It has been a rocky road for Lauren with her relationship with Charles, with the couple recently splitting before announcing their baby news.

The pair split back in November, but rekindled their relationship a few weeks later. However, New received a call a few days before the shoot explaining that the pair had once again parted ways.

The couple share baby Larose together, and Lauren admitted she "was in two minds" about going ahead with the pregnancy when she first found out.

Opening up about her concerns, Lauren said: "We weren’t very careful and Charlie was really pleased, but being honest I was really in two minds about it. I was like, 'I’m just getting myself back together – I’m going back to square one. Is this fair?'"

The new mum explained: "You get real mum guilt, like, 'What about Larose? She’s still a baby, she still needs me, I won’t be able to be there for her.'

"A lot went through my mind which is why I’ve held out a bit longer until I’ve announced it."

Here's a look inside their rocky romance…

First split

Charles and Lauren pair went official in October 2020, before welcoming their first child Larose the following July, but news of the couple's break up went far and wide last year, when their now six month old daughter was in hospital suffering with a virus.

Charles announced that the pair had “gone their separate ways” before they rekindled their relationship three weeks later.

While, later Lauren told OK! their break-up was due to a mix of “stressful things” and Charles needing “five minutes out.”

“Listen moving house and having a baby are very stressful things,” the 35 year old told us.

“Having a baby, as well as it being a beautiful and amazing thing, really does test couples.

“He came home and wants his family,” she continued.

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“I’m grateful that maybe that little space and break needed to happen, because some couples aren’t strong enough – they break up and that’s it. It’s very common."

She added that she wanted their relationship to “work for Larose” and said it “wasn’t a bitter split.”

Thrown out after fling

After finding out boyfriend and father of her child Charles Drury had a fling with Amy Gilbert during their brief separation last year, Lauren was said to be "furious" and threw Charles out of their Essex hom e, a friend of the former The Only Way is Essex star exclusively told us.

"Lauren was really hurt when she found out about Charles’ fling with Amy," a pal revealed.

"She was absolutely furious with him and can't understand how he could do this to his family.

"She told him to pack his bags and leave and he has."

This news follows Amy Gilbert telling The Sun that she slept with the builder during his brief split from Lauren last November after meeting on social media.

"Charles reached out to me on Instagram and I responded," the 24 year old told The Sun.

"We were messaging for a couple of days on there and then he wanted me to go and meet him in a local place he was living – and I did.

"I slept with him on that night, it was quite intense first of all, then he asked to see me again the following day. I then went and met him again."

While Charles told the publication: "She wanted to meet up and sleep together on the first night of meeting. Being stupid, things obviously happened."

However our source added a defiant Lauren is "concentrating on her daughter and ignoring everything to do with Amy."

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