Initials Reactions to 'Fast X' Gives All the Praise to Jason Momoa

As Fast X gears up to race into the theaters worldwide later this month, some early critics received a chance to watch the the film at early premieres, giving their initial reactions to the saga’s finale.

The star-studded cast arrived at the Colosseum on Friday at the Rome premiere. Titular characters including Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren and Rita Moreno were all their on the red carpet. The choice to host the premiere in the Italian capital honors the city where most of the high octane scenes were shot for this film. On the red carpet, director Louis Leterrier told Variety, “All the action scenes we did in Rome were real. When we rolled that ball in the streets of Rome, that was a real one-ton ball that we set on fire.”

Critics who managed to watch the final film called Fast X “stupidly entertaining” and a “visual spectacle.” One reviewer even said that it was a “non-stop action thrill ride.” The general consensus was that the Fast & Furious franchise definitely knows its audience, bringing continuous action to the film. While the action was expected, all praise went towards Jason Momoa‘s performance. While some have admitted that there were some “clunky elements” of the film, it was Momoa’s performance that brought the charisma and freshness to the film. Mixed reactions from critics saw one call it the worst film of the franchise while others thought it to be just what it needed to cap off the saga.

Take a look at some of the initial reactions below.

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