Incredible moment three-legged dog Dexter sprints down street like a human

When Dexter lost his front leg in a smash with a van he had to learn to walk again.

The six-year-old Brittany was only a puppy when he had his accident, and needed five surgeries in just a year.

But during his rehabilitation, the pup taught himself to walk on just his two hind legs, which has been turning some heads when out and about, TeamDogs reports.

His owner, Kentee Pasek, said: “It was tragic. We did not know if he would make the 45-minute car ride to our vet in the next town, then we did not know if he would make it through the night.

"Once he did and had the surgery, it was a very slow recovery. Five surgeries in a year. Two sets of pins in the arm.

“It was a long road and each day I kept thinking ‘what did we get into?’ but in the end he was always so happy and positive and just loving the fact he lived. It has been a journey for sure and now he thinks he is just another normal family dog.”

When Dexter is out walking with Kentee he attracts attention from people who haven’t seen him before.

Kentee, from Ouray, Colorado, USA, said: “Dexter is a super fun, family-oriented dog. He is very goofy, funny, happy and positive. He loves people and will say hi to just about anyone.

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“He has always had a positive attitude and a will to live even throughout the accident and rehab. People are not sure what to make of him the first time they see him. It shocks them.

“Once they take in what they have seen and actually watched a dog walk upright they are so super happy. Dexter loves people and they always get taken in with his smile and love.”

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