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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the big mistake passengers make with their cabin bag when boarding.

The flight attendant, who works for Delta but remained unnamed, said travellers may not realise the restrictions onboard.

They said if you have to use the expander on your suitcase, it won't be going in the overhead locker.

They told Thrillist: "If you have to use the expander on your suitcase, do not bring it on as a carry on.

"It will not fit no matter how hard you body slam it, and no, we will not try to make it fit for you.

"I guarantee you won’t be footing the medical bill when we get hurt."

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Crew are often not allowed to help passengers when it comes to putting their bags in the lockers.

This is because they risk getting hurt, and being unable to fly.

Flight attendant Jamila Hardwick told Inside: “We do not get paid until the boarding door is closed.

"If we get hurt while putting that bag in the overhead bin, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury.” 

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Another agreed on Reddit, who said: "We were told not to stow any baggage for the passengers, since in the case we got hurt doing so the company wouldn’t be responsible for that.

Some airlines have been making their lockers larger, although passengers may not realise this means they have to bag their suitcases slightly differently.

Flight attendant Heather Poole told T+L: "If you're lucky enough to find yourself on a plane with the newer, taller bins, you can put them in wheels first, but on their side."

United Airlines recently explained how to fit them in via a TikTok video.

They said: "Overhead bins are equipped so you can put your suitcases in there upright like a taco, not flat like a hamburger."

Flight attendants have revealed a secret switch you can use to close your overhead bin if you are struggling.

And a traveller revealed how you can get extra legroom by using the overhead lockers.

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