I'm a design expert – these are the WORST furniture buying mistakes

Interior design expert reveals the six most COSTLY mistakes people make when buying furniture – from the items everyone should spend less on to the WORST materials money can buy

  • Billy Shaw dished on ways you can avoid wasting money when buying furniture
  • The expert, who founded furniture brand 7th Avenue, explained durability is key
  • The LA-native said you shouldn’t skimp out on cheap stuff that will break easily

An interior design expert has shared the very costly mistakes that people often make when buying furniture – from spending on items that aren’t ‘durable’ to wasting on things that have ‘inexpensive’ alternatives.

Billy Shaw, the founder and CEO of furniture company 7th Avenue, from Los Angeles, California, exclusively spoke to DailyMail.com to dish on all the ways that customers can avoid wasting money while purchasing décor for their homes. 

Picking out furnishings for your abode is a very important task as you’re going to see and use most of it every day – and it’s no secret that some pieces can be pretty pricey, so Billy explained that it’s ‘crucial’ to take your time and not rush into buying anything.

The expert explained that people often try to cut costs by getting cheaper items – but ultimately lose money in the long run when they break and need replacing quickly.

Interior design expert Billy Shaw (seen) has shared the very costly mistakes that people often make when buying furniture

In addition, he said many make the error of forking out tons of money on items that ‘only serve a purpose aesthetically’ and aren’t worth spending extra on.

Billy also revealed that many furniture shoppers tend to pull out their wallets without analyzing their ‘lifestyle’ or reading reviews first – which, according to the CEO, is a major oversight. 

From the main things you should focus on when purchasing furniture, to the items you should prioritize if you’re shopping on a budget, Billy shared a slew of advice for people who are getting ready to furnish their homes as well as reflecting on the biggest mistakes he’s seen customers make.

Mistake one: Not taking time to reflect on your ‘lifestyle’ before purchasing furniture 

One of the major errors that Billy said he’s seen customers make is purchasing furniture that doesn’t fit into their ‘lifestyle.’

Before buying something for your home, Billy recommended taking a moment to ‘evaluate’ yourself – and, if you’re the type of person that might make a mess, spend a little extra on protecting the furniture because it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

‘For example, if you are a young person living by yourself in an apartment, then you would be able to go for 100 per cent linen upholstery since you are less likely to stain or make your sofas dirty,’ he explained.

‘However, if you have kids or pets, you would want to consider upholstery fabrics that are stain-resistant or washable.’

One error that Billy – the CEO of furniture company 7th Avenue – said he’s seen customers make is getting items that don’t fit their ‘lifestyle’ 

Mistake two: Trying to cut costs by buying cheap items

Billy told DailyMail.com that the two most important things to consider while furniture shopping is ‘functionality’ and ‘durability.’

If you’re spending hundreds, even thousands, on a piece of furniture, you want it to be an investment that will last for years.

He explained that cheap pieces ‘sound great in theory’ but end up being more ‘costly in the long run because they will need to be replaced more frequently.’ 

In addition to being a waste of money, Billy pointed out that going through tons of furniture is ‘bad for the environment.’

‘We have a large landfill problem in the United States with furniture being one of the biggest culprits,’ he added. 

Mistake three: Over-spending on decorations that ‘only serve a purpose aesthetically’

While Billy believes that you shouldn’t skimp out when it comes to buying furniture, he said the same does not apply for décor.

He said items that ‘only serve a purpose aesthetically’ usually have ‘inexpensive’ alternatives, so paying a lot for them isn’t necessary.

He added that making your home look nice is certainly important, so you shouldn’t avoid decorations all together, but just be careful not to overspend on products that won’t ‘get much wear-and-tear.’

Mistake four: Not getting the right couch

If you have a budget and can only afford to spend a lot on one item – Billy said your focus should be on your couch (stock image)

If you have a budget and can only afford to spend a lot on one item, Billy said your focus should be on your couch.

He explained that while some furniture pieces can certainly go on the back burner, your sofa should be on the forefront since your ‘entire living room’ will likely center around the object.

‘The sofa is absolutely one of the most crucial investment pieces that you should make,’ he said. 

‘You end up spending a lot of time on your sofa. It is where people lounge, work, live, and even socialize with friends and family on.’

When it comes to finding the perfect couch, he said comfort is a key factor to consider.

He recommends sofas that have a rub count of at least 50,000 or higher and are made from solid wood.

Billy also said to focus on ‘cushions that are high-density to avoid sagging after just a few years of use.’

Mistake five: Not paying enough attention to the material the furniture is made out of

According to Billy, it’s important to focus on what furniture is made out of which is something people often overlook (stock image)

According to Billy, it’s important to focus on what furniture is made out of which is something people often overlook.

‘The worst materials are particle board/plywood construction, low rub count fabrics that are not stain-resistant, low-density foam, and low-quality down feathers,’ he dished.

‘People should avoid buying down feather sofas. Down feather is a popular way for sofa manufacturers to increase the comfort level of the sofas, but they are incredibly hassling and high-maintenance. 

‘Down feather cushions do not naturally regain their shape, and cushions need constant re-fluffing. Down feathers can also escape the cushions, which can create a mess.’

Instead, he said to use down alternative, which ‘gives the comfort and softness level of down, but without all the hassles.’ 

Mistake six: Not spending time reading reviews before buying something

The interior design expert said the last mistake that people often make is not reading reviews before making a purchase.

‘Make sure to read all the reviews – good and bad,’ he suggested. ‘Read the negative reviews to make sure that you are comfortable with the cons a piece of furniture would have. 

‘In addition, make sure to read third-party review sites such as TrustPilot or even online forums like Reddit to ensure that you get opinions and feedback from real people.’

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