I’m 28 and make £8,000 a year by renting the clothes in my wardrobe – it’s the easiest side hustle that anyone can do | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she makes £8,000 a year renting out clothes in her wardrobe as a side hustle.

Charlie Hollishead, 28, from London, not only earns back the money she used to buy the clothes, but also earns thousands on top.

Pilates instructor Charlie uses the By Rotation app to rent out the dresses and accessories in her wardrobe.

The app launched in October 2019 and some hailed it as “the world's first social fashion rental app”, where users rent out designer items at a daily rate.

Speaking to Insider, Charlie said: “I first heard of By Rotation earlier in the pandemic. I downloaded the app when it was still very new. I listed two items — a Prada bag and a Zimmermann dress — but didn't think too much of it. 

“One week later, I got a notification that someone had requested to rent something. I remember being so excited.”

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After being encouraged from her initial sales, she added more items to her page and now has 80 items listed.

Charlie added: “I remember being like, ‘Am I ever going to see this again?’ At first, I was very scared about it. But everyone on the app is so friendly, and as soon as you have used it a few times, you feel less nervous about renting things out.”

One of her best sellers is a Leslie Amon dress which she bought for £300 and rents out at £12 a day with a two day minimum booking.

Charlie said she’s earned over £700 from that one dress alone, so it “not only paid for itself but also brought in an over 100% return on investment.”

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Now whenever she buys a new item she asks herself if she thinks people would like to rent it.

And many items pay for themselves before she even wears them herself – with one dress she’s bought for an event in a month’s time being rented three times already.

One of her Zimmermann dresses nets her £70 for a two-day rental period as people love them for “special occasions” like weddings or the races.

In total, she’s made £7,637 in rental sales, and not only has that enabled her to buy more clothes but has also helped her pursue her dream to work in Pilates.

Charlie commented: “I've always loved buying dresses. But I don't know where I think I'm going to wear all of them. I don't go out that much. I'm happy that someone can put them to good use.”

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