I wear bikinis to work – men tip too much as Im hot and their wives hate it

A cocktail bar waitress says she's so hot that women argue with their boyfriends because they tip her too much.

Model Daija Tyne works at TAO Beach at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, US.

She wears a bikini uniform and claims men get themselves into a pickle with their other halves when they see her.

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Despite being chatted up on a daily basis, Daija insists she's not interested as it's important to respect other women.

The model hasn't just had fellas in long-term relationships hit on her, but even blokes who are married.

And Daija follows the girl code by not entertaining these men.

She told Sun Fabulous: "I meet different people from all over the world so the approaches range and are creative.

"Compliments on my looks don't mean much considering I'm wearing a bikini and I know people feel bold in Vegas.

"But I've definitely had my fair share of entitled men who think I am an object for use at their disposal.

"I've had married men hit on me in front of their wives.

"I've had girlfriends fight their boyfriends because they tipped me."

Daija wears a bikini as a uniform to work, then during the colder months, the model rocks a cream coloured jumpsuit.

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Despite the attention she gets, the model doesn't entertain any of it as her job is to "provide good service".

Luckily for her, the women don't usually rage at her because she's "respectful" about the situation.

She concluded: "I try to make everyone comfortable and more times than not I know if they came with someone.

"I normally let them hash it out and stay out of their business.

"We have security and police on site so they manage if necessary."

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