I earn £69k a month bossing rich blokes around – they love being humiliated

A professional mistress and dominatrix revealed why high-flying men pay her thousands to boss them around.

Mistress Cleopatra pockets £69,000 a month from her racy venture after entering the dominatrix scene.

The 32-year-old allows clients to live out their fantasies in her "dungeon" where she dominates them.

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While the role appears to be her "control freak" nature, the sex worker insists it has one benefit to her clients.

Many of her customers go to her with personal traumas from the past.

As they were nerdy growing up, Cleopatra says a lot of them would have been bullied as kids.

She said: "They like to be humiliated because a lot of these men were bullied at school.

"They were nerdy and got so much bullying that it's a part of them.

"They want me to humiliate them, even physically sometimes, too.

"It's like they can't let go of that part [of their past].

"They like me to laugh at them and bully them – they just have that desire to feel that again."

Cleopatra, who boasts 249,000 Instagram followers, insists it's like a release for these men.

The dominatrix claims these businessmen pay a fortune to just be humiliated by her.

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She explained: "Then at the end of the session, we talk about their desires and why they like it.

"The guys are great fun once they've released their tension during the session.

"They're like a person re-born after I'm done with them.

"We have a drink, have a laugh, we talk about what to do next time and we go our separate ways."

Cleopatra says she feels her clients are reclaiming the power from their past traumas.

Interestingly, many of the men she works with are high-flying members of society.

"It relaxes them to know that I've got control over them and they don't have to think," she admitted.

"It's more psychological than sexual."

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Cleopatra, who has lived in Amsterdam since leaving Egypt in 1998, says the sessions don't weigh on her.

And while there is a community of dominatrixes, she prefers to operate solo.

She said: "There's a bit of jealousy and drama working with other dominatrixes.

"I've worked myself out of the crowd and have thrived ever since.

"I am willing to work harder and do everything – whatever I can in my power to be more successful.

"I'm just focused on myself and my business."

She also started coaching other prospective dominatrixes and OnlyFans creators.

Cleopatra concluded: "It's a lot of work. People have no idea how much research I do or how hard I work.

"People expect me to be very outgoing and a crazy girl who likes to go out, but I like to stay at home all the time.

"I love to be with myself, I'm introverted. My work and my home lives are very different – it's nice to have that balance."

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