I dumped lover after discovering his star sign – I couldnt take any chances

Miss BumBum winner Carolina Lekker caused a stir online after she spilled the tea on her recent break-up.

The 2022 champ is quite vocal about her dating life and antics between the sheets. And recently she opened up about why she ended it with her lover.

Carolina has always had a thing for horoscopes and bears in it mind when it comes to love. So when she met her ex-lover, she thought it was all perfect until one discovery…

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At the start of their romance, he claimed his star sign was Aquarius before a shocking twist left Carolina confused. The model then found out it was all a lie.

She said: "Astrology has always been important to me. But didn't want to take any chances when I found out he was a Gemini."

The model believes Geminis are most exposed to infidelity and always asks her potential lovers about their horoscope before striking a relationship with them.

"I always ask what the person's star sign is, I think it's very important," she added. "If it's not compatible with mine, I quickly end the relationship. It's because I know it won't work out in the future."

Since she shared the news on her social media, it's safe to say a lot of her followers were left quite baffled by her decision.

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But Carolina is adamant to stick to her guns when it comes to dating as she's determined to follow her astrological intuition.

The Brazilian takes loyalty seriously as she used to test men online by sliding into their DMs. She used to get paid £1,400 to catch cheaters out.

She'd charge an eye-watering £1,400 ($2,000) where women get in touch to share their boyfriends' numbers and Instagram profiles. But if he ignores her charm, Carolina would return the money.

The beauty detailed: "I contact them first on Instagram and wait for them to respond. I keep making conversation until the conversation gets hotter." She said the conversation ends at the time of arranging a casual meeting.

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