How to create Kylie Jenner's new contrasting 'bronde' hairstyle

Celebrity hairstylist reveals how to create Kylie Jenner’s striking new ‘bronde’ look – and the four hair trends of 2020 that you need to know about

  • Jaye Edwards is the founder and director of upscale hair salon Edwards and Co
  • He predicts ‘high contrast face frames’ will be the leading colour trend in 2020
  • The technique highlights hair around the face to sharpen eyes and cheekbones
  • It’s been popularised by Kylie Jenner, who has worn the look since February
  • Mr Edwards says the versatile look flatters most skin tones and face shapes

A blonde and brunette hairstyle made famous by Kylie Jenner which defines cheekbones, brightens eyes and sharpens the jawline will be the most popular trend of 2020, a hairdresser who styles the tresses of Australia’s top models has predicted.

Jaye Edwards is the founder of upscale hair chain Edwards and Co

Jaye Edwards is the founder of upscale salon chain Edwards and Co, which operates eight outlets across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

He said 2020 is the year to make ‘bold’ hair choices like ‘high contrast face frames’, a flattering colouring technique which subtly highlights strands around the face to enhance features, making skin appear taut and radiant, which Kylie is currently wearing in a blend of brown and blonde.

Mr Edwards told Daily Mail Australia he expects a surge of client requests for the 22-year-old billionaire business mogul’s versatile new ‘do because it can be tailored to suit almost every skin tone and face shape.

‘The best part about this trend is it ranges from a super edgy look paying homage to the 1990s with darker brunettes and blondes, to a subtle variation of a balayage where finer highlights are blended from the ends up to the roots of hair around the face,’ he said.

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Kylie Jenner rocks ‘high contrast face frames’, a hairstyle which highlights strands around the face to sharpen the cheekbones and jawline and enhance the eyes, outside her Los Angeles home on April 24, 2020

A recreation of Jenner’s high contrast ‘bronde’ look coloured and styled by Jaye Edwards of Edwards and Co

The style shot to prominence after Jenner debuted her latest dramatic hair transformation in an Instagram photo on February 15, trading her signature waist-length raven mane for a shorter crop of golden brown tresses.

In typical fashion, the cosmetic chameleon subtly tweaked the look countless times over the past two months, chopping it into a bob, brightening the colour and most recently adding striking layers of caramel blonde around her face on April 24. 

Kylie’s new look was crafted by Los Angeles stylist Jesus Guerrero, but Mr Edwards has revealed exactly how he recreates the style for his Australian clients in four simple steps.


Kylie rocks a 1990s style Dior logo print tank top to match her 1990s-inspired hairstyle in a mirror selfie on April 26, 2020

To start, part your hair how your normally wear it. Mr Edwards recommends a centre split if you want to achieve a 90s inspired effect like Kylie.

Separate a large chunk of hair on each side of the parting and cover it with a lightening cream. For a more refined look, you should apply a soft shadow at the root.

To create the ‘high contrast’ of hair around your face, apply a variation mask in a warm shade of blonde to bring out warm, naturally golden tones while deeply nourishing the hair.

Mr Edwards recommends the $67 Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in golden blonde which is available online from Sephora Australia.

Contrasting highlights can be applied over any base hair colour. They are most commonly bleached blonde, but can be adapted to any shade as required.

Hair trend predictions for 2020 

1. The Modern Mullet

Mr Edwards said people are becoming more comfortable with expressing their individual identities through new, edgy, trendsetting hairstyles like the modern mullet, which uses choppy layers to create the illusion of the original style.

‘Gone are the days of trying to blend in with the crowd,’ Mr Edwards said. 

2. Natural Copper

Mr Edward said strong, natural-looking copper tones are making a huge comeback. 

‘Vibrant red tones will take the back seat as we work to amplify the natural beauty of red hair by adding soft, warm tones,’ he said.

‘It’s a bold style, but when paired with lighter undertones, it gives a ‘born with it’ rather than ‘from the bottle’ look.’

3. Natural Curls

Mr Edwards said he has seen a ‘huge shift’ in people asking how they can work with their natural curls to embrace the individual nuances that make their locks unique.

He said it’s important to understand your specific hair type, whether it’s wavy, curly or coiled kinks. This allows you to choose the products best suited to your hair.

He recommends Kevin Murphy ‘Killer Curls’ for soft, natural waves.

4. Peach

Mr Edwards has seen a resurgence of requests for peach dye, a more flattering take on the pastel pink tones popular seen for the past few years.

‘This muted pinky-orange colour looks amazing on all skin tones,’ he said.

He said the key is to find the right version of the colour to compliment your complexion, something a stylist can help you achieve.

Source: Edwards and Co director Jaye Edwards

Another version of the high contrast face framing style created by Mr Edwards, with a 1990s inspired centre split and large barrel waves

Colouring hair blonde can weaken it and leave strands prone to splitting, so Mr Edwards advises using a bonding treatment like Redken’s pH Bonder Post-Service Perfector, which is currently reduced from $43 to $34.30 on Salon Style Australia.

The treatment maintains the balance of water and keratin in the hair, which strengthens it and protects its natural shine.

He also recommends $60 Virtue Healing Oil, an ‘amazing’ serum that repairs heat and colour damage, leaving hair soft and silky.

Mr Edwards believes dramatic and individual styles will also become breakout trends this year, with many customers now requesting peach coloured dyes and tips on how to enhance their natural curls.

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