H&M shopper explains how to get cheaper online sale prices for items you buy in-store

THERE'S nothing more annoying than buying something in store and then finding it's available cheaper at the same shop online.

Fortunately, H&M customers can avoid this upset, as the retailer offers price matching if you're spending money in its shops.

While the policy isn't on H&M's website, the company's head office has confirmed to the Sun that it will price match at the checkout counter and honour online sales in-store.

It says the offer works both ways, so if you spot something cheaper in store and want to get it online, you can ask for a price match if the website cost is more expensive.

H&M has also laid out the policy several times on its Twitter account.

For instance, earlier this year, one customer complained that a t-shirt was available for £7 online at 50 per cent off, but cost the full £14 in her local shop.

She tweeted to customer services asking about the discrepancy and an H&M advisor confirmed that it would match.

The company tweeted: "Prices may vary online and in stores, but we're always happy to price match.

"Just show the online item, offer or promotion on your mobile device to an H&M sales advisor at checkout and the price will be honored then and there."

But be warned, it may not always be straightforward, as not all stores seem to be clued up on the policy.

The same customer told H&M that she had been denied the matching service even when she showed the online prices to the cashier.

H&M responded: "That is policy so we shouldn't have refused your request.

"If you go back into store to grab that bargain and run into any other trouble with the price match, please call us on 0344 7369000 while you're there and we'll gladly help!"

And there's plenty of evidence of people getting the price matching offer.

One user of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group said she managed to get two pairs of trousers for under £10 – despite them costing significantly more in store.

She said: "I’ve just got two pairs of trousers for £10 total instead of over £30, but only after searching for them in the sale section instead of the full price section where they were hiding!"

So it's definitely worth checking prices online before you hand over your card in store.

The easiest way to do that is by using the QR code on the price label. If you scan it, you should be directed to the item online.

To do that, you will need to download the H&M app. Otherwise you can search online manually for whatever you want to buy,

If the item is out of stock online, you won't be shown a price – so you'll have to pay what's on the label.

Commentators on the post said they have had similar luck with other stores including the Disney Store and Smyths.

Some retailers will leave it up to the manager's discretion – so it is always worth asking if you can find a better price online.

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