Hi Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, the Sun hooks up with Uranus, the planet of surprises and disruption, so you better expect the unexpected! Tomorrow, Mercury harmonizes with Pluto and Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, providing the perf vibe for having deep, deep connections with others. 😏

Monday’s busy—Mercury and optimistic Jupiter connect, while the Sun and Saturn square off at the same time. Immediately afterwards, Mercury enters its fav sign, Gemini! Finally, on Thursday, Venus and Pluto harmonize, giving your love life a more intense, passionate vibe!

What that means for you:


Quit daydreaming, Aries! You have a lot of feelings, and this week you’re in an especially romantic mood. But if you’re not willing to get up and shoot your shot, you can’t expect too much action. Mercury entering Gemini on Monday can help you find the words to say to your crush, and the hot Venus/Pluto trine at the end of the week is perfect astro-weather for DTRing or just giving your love life a glow up!


Uranus, the planet of revolution, is in your sign right now, and tonight you’re really embodying those Uranian vibes! You typically wait for others to approach you first, but right now, you’re being asked to shake things up. Shoot your shot! Speak your mind! You don’t have to be reckless or inconsiderate, but if you want to make a change to your love life, now’s the time to do so. You just have to start a conversation!


You’re not really living up to your chatty stereotype this weekend, Gemini—as a matter of fact, you’re having a really hard time finding your voice! This weekend, do more listening than talking—people from the past (like your ex!) have something they need to say, and they’re gonna say it, whether you like it or not! Use this weekend to find closure. Mercury enters your sign on Monday, which helps you feel heard by others again. Gemini season’s right around the corner, you’ve just gotta push through these last few weeks. That way, when your bday rolls around, you can start the next year with a clean slate!


This weekend’s asking you (or maybe forcing you) to come out of your crab shell. If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is a great weekend—especially if you’re crushing on someone in your squad! Maybe you think they’re into you, too, in which case, you should follow your gut feeling and hit them up. Maybe they’re not that interested—but that’s okay! Rejection hurts, but take a little leap of faith this weekend, Cancer bb. You’ll be surprised at the exciting changes you can make!


You’d benefit from taking your love life more seriously this weekend, Leo. I know, “serious” isn’t really your thing, but listen: This is a critical moment for your love life! This is the week to upgrade your relationship status. That could mean telling your crush you want to take them on a date, telling your boo you want to DTR, upgrading your partner to your fiancé/e, or even be breaking up because you’re ready to be single! Think long and hard about who you want and what you need from your love life. Is there a sense of give and take? Be real with yourself, and act accordingly.


If your love life is feeling stale, this weekend’s astro-weather is amazing for spicing things up! Let yourself leave your comfort zone (just a little bit!), try being more dominant in bed if you’re usually more submissive (or vice versa), and allow yourself to try something new! You’re not being pressured to change—you’re being encouraged to experiment. Have fun with it!


Just a heads up, Libra: You’ve got a v. emotional week coming up. Your chart’s eighth house, which governs intimacy and transformation, is being lit up by aaaaaallllllll the planets in Taurus, and you’re approaching a serious moment in your love life. You’re not interested in superficiality—you’re trying to find a connection with someone special. Flings can be tons of fun, but be warned, you will catch feelings!


Taurus season = cuffing season for your sign, so your biggest focus rn is your relationships. That’s especially true this week, and there’s loads of potential for you to make major moves in your love life! You’re being urged to allow other people to get close to you right now. The stars are trying to teach you that you can’t get the deep, meaningful connections that you crave without leaving your comfort zone and opening up! If your crush is trying to flirt with you, don’t play it cool like you normally do—be romantic! Flirt back! Uranus, the planet of surprises, is playing a major role in your chart this weekend, so you’re capable of giving your relationship status a serious upgrade now!

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I’ve got some bad news, Sagittarius. This weekend, your job is absolutely kicking your ass. You’ve lacked a real work/life balance lately, and it’s taking its toll—you’re more likely to blow up on your boo because of work-related stress, or alternately, lose track of important assignments at work because you’re spending too much time with your boo. Take five, hit pause, and just reorganize this weekend. Mercury enters your chart’s relationships zone on Monday, so there’s plenty of time to flirt and have fun after the week begins!


It’s springtime, the weather’s nice, the Sun is out, and you are thriving, Capricorn! For the whole damn week, your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone is being lit up, so getting lucky is practically guaranteed right now. You’re feeling way more confident, so shooting your shot is a total breeze—you just risk coming off as a little too much! This is a good-ass week, and you can make major moves in your love life by leaving your comfort zone and actively trying to connect with your special someone!


You’re spending a lot of time reflecting on the past this week, Aquarius. People you have serious history with are coming back around—or you just can’t stop thinking of them—and you’re being urged to work through your emotions and memories. It’s heavy inner work, but it’s necessary: Before you can make anything exciting happen in your love life now, you gotta deal with the baggage from the past. This weekend could be morose, but after Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, expect life to pick up the pace.


This is a busy, busy week for you, Pisces—because you’re spending a lot of time connecting with someone special! You chart’s communication zone is being lit up by lovey Venus all week long, so flirting, fooling around, and having fun is easier than ever. This is a really nice week for all of the single Pisceans out there, too. If you’re crushing hard on someone—especially someone from your squad—you’re feeling smoother than ever and ready to make your move. Who do you want? What do you want? Figure that out, then act on it this week—you can make tons of magic happen!

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