Here's a Jada Pinkett Smith Photo That Will Make You Look Twice

You may never look at Jada Pinkett Smith quite the same way again after her latest personal reveal.

The 48-year-old actress and host of the Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk posted a makeup-free selfie of herself in a bath on her Instagram page late on Friday, writing, “Have you noticed that my left eye is wayyyyy smaller then my right?”

Asymmetrical eyes, mostly due to a drooping eyelid, is referred to as Ptosis. It is a common problem and can be congenital or caused by aging or other factors. Most of the time, it is mild, people don’t notice it in others and makeup can be used to mask it. In severe cases, the issue can be corrected with surgery.

Pinkett Smith’s fans seemed unfazed and expressed support, with some saying they noticed the same quality about themselves.

“I have the same exact problem Jada!” one user wrote. “You’re stunning tho. Always have been!!!”

“You’re still beautiful inside out,” another person commented. “But I didn’t notice until you brought it to my attention. However, I always pay attention to people hearts that makes their soul!”

Instagram / Jada Pinkett Smith

And others pointed out the obvious.

“Things we notice when we shelter in place,” one person wrote.

“We in quarantine,” another user commented. “We got plenty of time to notice details.”

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