Heartbreak as week-old puppy discovered on roadside was too weak to move

An emaciated puppy on the brink of death has been found by the side of the road by rescuers at just eight weeks old, prompting a search for the person who abandoned her.

The tan pit bull, estimated to be just eight to ten weeks-old, was rescued by the SPCA after a passerby discovered the dog in critical condition.

The person who discovered the puppy, in Neptune, California, claims she was struggling to breathe and could barely lift her head.

A spokesperson for Monmouth Country Prosecutor Raymond Santiago, said: “The degree of neglect this defenseless puppy endured to wind up in the state she is currently in is, in a word, unfathomable.”

Since her rescue, the dog – named Matilda by caregivers – has seen drastic improvements in her health and is currently recovering at the SPCA shelter.

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Matilda’s carers say she is showing increasing interest in eating food and is starting to socialise with other dogs at the shelter.

News of the pup’s rescue was announced in a clip posted on YouTube, leaving viewers aghast at the apparent lack of care from her previous owner.

One viewer wrote: “I just can’t express the deep sadness this kind of animal cruelty brings to my heart. Please don’t mistreat babies of any species… Just give them away [before] you start neglecting them please.”

Though Matilda has a long road to recovery, caregivers seem confident she will pull through with continued care.

The stray dog is one of 70 million cats and dogs currently registered as homeless in the United States.

Figures suggest a staggering 3.9 million dogs are abandoned or given up to shelters in the nation each year, but the numbers jumped drastically in the wake of the pandemic.

The fallout started as lockdown regulations were eased, which left many owners with no choice but to hand in their pets over to charities.

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