Full Pentagon UFO report was like sci-fi movie with 14 videos and 70 pages

The Pentagon’s full classified UFO report contains 14 videos in what insiders described as a “sci-fi movie”, researchers have claimed.

After months of speculation, the eagerly-anticipated report into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena was released on Friday, June 25.

The nine-page unclassified document revealed that 143 out of 144 reports of sightings remain unexplained.

Alien technology was neither confirmed or denied as the document simply said more scientific analysis was required.

It follows the release of several baffling videos of UFO encounters by personnel onboard US Navy ships dating back to 2004.

But, according to UFO researcher and Virginia Tech professor Bob McGwier, the full classified document that was shared with Congress and the National Security Council was far more detailed.

“There were 70 pages and 14 videos, they got to see the good stuff,” he explained on Spaced Out Radio.

“There was a full classified report and 14 videos. I know several people who were in the national security council meeting and the best comment I heard was ‘what we had was 40 minutes of science fiction movies, we were all gobsmacked’.

“It’s ridiculously slim. Everything they could redact they did but the committees and the White House – they saw the works.”

Pentagon UFO report

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  • The comments echo what investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell previously told this site of the Pentagon being in possession of plenty more videos of UFO encounters.

    And, just days before the report was released, the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO programme also said there were clearer videos yet to be released.

    Speaking to Curt Jaimungal on his Theories of Everything podcast on June 23, he said there are “extremely compelling” videos and photographs.

    “I’ve said for the record that the three videos that have come out, as interesting as they are, they’re probably the least compelling of the ones that we have,” he said.

    “There were some very high very high definition videos in there that when you looked at it you realised, ‘Hey, that’s not one of our craft’.”

    The publicly-available Pentagon UFO report placed the sightings in five separate categories: airborne clutter (such as birds or balloons), natural atmospheric phenomena, classified military programs, foreign adversary systems or “other”.

    Objects would be placed in the “other” category “pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them”.

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