Fit brides wedding menu slammed as people would want to stop at McDonalds

A super-fit bride was criticised over her wedding menu.

Sam Cutler, influencer and founder of The Fit Fatale community, didn't see her reception as a cheat day.

She seemed to keep things very healthy as she got hitched to entrepreneur Trevor Mengel.

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The Canadian influencer outlined everything she consumed in a TikTok video.

She captioned the clip: "What I ate on my wedding day as a gluten free and dairy free health focused bride."

Sam wrote: "Started with a protein smoothie from Playa Bowls.

"Then my maid of honour fed me some of her grain salad.

"Then I had another green smoothie again from Playa Bowls.

"In our bridal suite we had a huge veggie platter for all of the girls.

"During our cocktail I had a bunch of oysters and some of these plantain avocado bites.

"Our salad was a chopped salad and it was delicious. And we also had gluten free bread.

"Then we had an Intermezzo course. This is basically just ice and lemon to cleanse the palate.

"Our main was salmon with lots of veggies and it was delicious.

"Then we had Arrae bloat pills on every table…

"Then we had a late night taco bar so I had a load of tacos."

The guests did get some sweet treats – but they didn't actually contain much sugar.

Sam explained: "Our wedding cake was a gluten, dairy and sugar free chocolate cake.

"We had a sweet table set up with UNREAL chocolates and Smart Sweets. All allergen free and low sugar."

And when it came to alcohol, the couple made sure to keep health in mind too.

The TikToker added: "For alcohol I only had Cote De Rose rosé because I know it's less than 2g/L of sugar.

"And I had Moet Chandon because I know that I can feel good when I'm drinking these two beverages."

Sam's video garnered more than 4.2 million views on TikTok, where some branded her "sad" and "insane".

One commenter said: "I could never do this… I enjoy good food way too much. I'd be so unhappy."

Another wrote: "There's just more to life than not eating sweets."

A third admitted: "I'd be so hungry at this wedding. Def leave early and hit up Maccas drive thru on the way home."

And a fourth added: "Bloat pills on every table was my last straw."

Despite the criticism, others left Sam supportive responses.

A TikTok user said: "As someone who has to be gluten free and dairy free, this made me so happy to see you confidently make this work.

"I know it took so much planning ahead."

And another remarked: "So happy to see this, have a wonderful life with your husband!"


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