Fish up penis and snail in knee amongst most sinister animals found in humans

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    It's like something out of the sci-fi movie Alien…after a live worm was found inside a woman’s brain.

    The parasitic roundworm was pulled from a 64-year-old Aussie’s grey matter during surgery after she suffered forgetfulness and depression.

    And although the creepy case is the first of its type, it isn’t the only bizarre thing that’s been discovered living inside an unfortunate person

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    Head pest: A living cockroach was pulled from the head of a 42-year-old Indian woman after she complained of a “crawling sensation”.

    The insect was found at the base of her skull, between her eyes, having bored up through her nose. It took 45 minutes for horrified docs to remove the pest.

    Snail trail: In 2013, four-year-old Paul Franklin grazed his knee at a Californian beach, but antibiotics for an infection didn’t appear to work.

    Three weeks later his mum squeezed the strange lump – and a living sea snail popped out.

    The youngster decided to keep it as a pet called Turbo.

    Arachnid hid: Australian Dylan Maxwell had a live spider removed from his body three days after it crawled inside him through an appendix scar, while he was on holiday in Bali in 2014.

    The eight-legged freak had burrowed its way up to his chest leaving a red scar-like mark.

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    Lug bug: The same year, singer Katie Melua suffered from a strange rustling sound in her ear for a week. When she went to the doctor a live spider was found living in it, after climbing in through her earbud headphones.

    She said it looked “terrifying up-close on the doctor’s camera.”

    The spider was sucked out and the relieved star released it into her garden.

    Some fin’s wrong: Unlucky Indian boy Anil Barela accidentally inhaled a fish while playing by a river with friends in 2012.

    When he started struggling to breathe the 12-year-old was rushed to hospital where an X-ray showed it still alive in his lung. Surgeons had to operate to catch it.

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    Getting the willies: Another 14-year-old Indian boy was found with a fish living in his bladder after it had swum up via the urethra –the passage leading up his penis.

    Hair-raising: After a break in Belize, American Aaron Dallas developed itchy red bumps on his scalp…which then started moving.

    It turned out they were penny-sized maggots. Botfly larvae had implanted themselves.

    Tum terror: It’s probably a myth opera singer Maria Callas lost weight on a “tapeworm diet”.But a Chinese woman, Mrs Li, really did have an 8ft live parasitic one removed from her stomach in 2014 after eating undercooked beef.

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    Jeepers peepers: In 2010 American John Matthews thought he was going blind. But medical investigations showed he had a racoon worm living in his eye that was busily munching on his retina.

    Fir real: It isn’t just critters that take up residence inside human bodies.

    When 28-year-old Russian Artyom Sidorkin complained of chest pain doctors found a two-inch fir tree growing in his lung.

    A Chinese girl was also found with a dandelion growing in her ear!

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