Firebox launches isolation edition Mystery Box to tackle boredom during lockdown

Anyone else finding themselves unable to stop online shopping since the coronavirus pandemic hit?

Getting something in the post is one of the few joys of lockdown, an immediate peak in a day mostly spent staring at a screen and working out what you can cook with a single tin of beans.

To liven up the usual bills and letters from Boris Johnson, Firebox has launched a special isolation-themed Mystery Box that you can buy online and have delivered to your door.

The box, which costs £39.99, is filled with things that have been chosen specifically to help you get through the boredom associated with being cooped up inside.

As it’s a mystery, we can’t tell you what’s actually inside each box. We don’t even know, in fact. Firebox won’t tell us.

But they say that the contents are worth over £60 and will all ‘make forced isolation that little bit better’.

We’re imagining some fresh alternatives to the usual boardgames and perhaps a puzzle or two.

Regardless, the mystery in itself should add some drama to increasingly dull days.

You can get one for yourself, send a box to a pal, or you could gather a group and agree to unbox each one over Zoom – anything to pass the hours, right?

Just make sure you give your box a wipe-down before you bring it inside the house.

If you can’t afford to spend £40 on a mystery box, you can recreate the experience for a loved one by bundling up bits and bobs from around the house and handing them over, wrapped in paper, a bag, a box, or precious loo roll.


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