Facebook Messenger Rooms: How to use Messenger Rooms on iPhone and Android

Social distancing has likely continued to scupper people’s plans this weekend. Fortunately, social media giant Facebook has rolled-out its new Messenger Rooms feature just in time for you to hang out online with loved ones this weekend.

What are Facebook Messenger Rooms?

Messenger Rooms would be a wonderful way for our community to connect face to face

Janet Sanchez, admin of the Esposas Militares Hispanas!! USA Armed Forces! Facebook group

Facebook Messenger Rooms are joinable group video calls allowing users to hang out with up to 50 people.

Users can expect to easily discover and join rooms, control who joins and sees the room and even use exploit augmented reality filters, backgrounds and lighting.

WhatsApp video calls can additionally now host up to eight people – up from four.

Finally, new ways to access live streaming services like Facebook Live and Instagram Live to host workout classes, offer lessons, services and more.


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How to use Messenger Rooms on iPhone and Android phones:

Users should update their Facebook Messenger app to make sure they have the latest version to access the new Messenger Rooms feature.

Next navigate to the app and on the Chats page.

There should now be a new Create Room button visible, which should be clicked on.

Then you can set the activity for the room, such as studying, the privacy settings of who can discover it and a time for it to start later if necessary.

Once these features have been set, you net need to go to the Invite page to click on who can attend.

This will then send an invite to everyone to join in.

Once you have carried out a Rooms chat, it will save to your Chats page, allowing you to easily bring the same people together again.


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What are the new Live Video features for Facebook products?

People are turning to Facebook Live and Instagram Live for everything from gym classes, adult education and religious services

Users will be able to mark Facebook Events as online only and eventually integrate Facebook Live, allowing people to broadcast to their guests.

To support creators and small businesses, Facebook intends to add Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook.

Facebook has also introduced a feature to help users raise money for causes, via the new donate button.

The social media giant is also making it easier to access live video, meaning users can watch or listen anywhere they wish.

Those with only limited data or a poor internet connection now have the option to listen to the audio only.

And even those without a Facebook account can now join in, as most public live videos are now available on the internet.

People can also livestream games direct from your phone to Facebook using the new Facebook Gaming app available on Google Play.

The app also lets you play games instantly, watch your favourite streamers and discover new gaming groups.

Finally, in order to help users support some their favourite creators, Facebook is expanding Stars to more Pages and more countries.

After purchasing Stars, users can send them to creators while they are streaming and these will earn approximately 1 cent for every Star.

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