Etsy's Top 2020 Home Decor Trends Include Retro Art, Suspended Planters & More

Considering we’ve all already spent a record amount of time hanging out at home, now couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for Etsy to announce their 2020 home decor trends. According to an Etsy trend expert, this year’s top trends include everything from the expected, like resin, burl wood, suspended planters, and eco-conscious fabrics; to the unexpected, including bee motifs, seashell shapes, Old World staples, and even ’70s sunsets.

1. Resin

Searches for redefined resin on Etsy saw a 62 percent increase in the last six months, and it’s appearing throughout nearly every nook and cranny of the home, from doorknobs and coasters to clocks and wall art.

2. Burl wood

Made from unusual formations of the wood grain, burl wood is making a major comeback. So, if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece, look no further than these works of art.

3. Eco-conscious fabrics

Eco-conscious fabrics are going nowhere. Over the last six months, Etsy saw a 36 percent increase in searches for organic bedding, a 14 percent increase in searches for hemp items, and a 12 percent increase in searches for cactus silk items.

4. Suspended planters

If you don’t already have a suspended planter in your kitchen or living area(s), what are you waiting for? Searches on Etsy for wall or hanging planters were up 16 percent in the last six months.

5. Bee motifs

Bee motifs? Yes, bee motifs. And yes, they’ll give you flashbacks to your grandma’s home.

6. Seashell shapes

“We’re not talking about coastal decor here,” Etsy’s report states. Instead, seashell shapes are much more playful and sophisticated. “There has been a 31 percent increase in searches for shell lamps and a 14 percent increase in searches for shell pillows in the last six months,” the report further states.

7. ’70s sunsets

Think retro, color-blocking sunset art boasting graphic lines and bold colors. This sunset art trend is an Uber-popular one, too, with a 99 percent increase in searches.

8. Ancient accents

Inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome, Old World staples are becoming increasingly popular. So much so, Etsy saw a 47 percent increase in searches for statue or bust planters and vases and a 36 percent increase in statues or busts.

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