England fans slam the BBC's coverage of the World Cup final

England fans slam the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup final and brand the broadcast as ‘abysmal’ with fans switching over to ITV amid commentary blunder

  • Lionesses fans have slammed the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup final 
  • A commentary blunder has left many fans swapping from the BBC to the ITV 
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England fans have slammed the BBC’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup final with many complaining of a commentary blunder that can be overheard over the coverage. 

Sarina Wiegman’s side are playing in their first ever final at the tournament but are currently a goal down after Olga Carmona Garcia put the Spaniards a goal up after 29 minutes, hitting a left-footed strike past Mary Earps in goal from a tight angle. 

Lauren James and Chloe Kelly have both come on as substitutes at half-time, replacing Alessia Russo and Rachel Daly.

The coverage is being hosted by both the BBC and ITV, but many viewers have taken to social media to express their disappointment of the quality of the Beeb’s broadcast with many choosing to switch over to ITV. 

It comes as many have claimed that they can hear another ‘loud commentator’ in the background of the BBC’s coverage which has added to the poor sound quality on the public service broadcaster’s show.

BBC’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup final has been slammed as ‘abysmal’ with many complaining about a unique commentary gaff

Both the BBC and ITV have been broadcasting the final after they agreed £9million deal with FIFA to show the final 

Mail Sport’s reporter Mike Keegan criticizsed the sound quality of the BBC’s programme claiming that viewers could hear another ‘loud commentator’ over the stream

Mail Sport’s reporter Mike Keegan wrote: ‘ITV 1-0 BBC. Sound quality horrendous on Beeb. Can clearly hear another (loud) commentator from a different broadcaster. How does that happen at a World Cup final?’

Seven million viewers tuned in to watch England’s historic 3-1 win against Australia on Wednesday that saw the Lionesses book their place in the final of the tournament. 

The broadcast had a peak audience of 7.3m and an additional 3.8m streams across the broadcaster’s platforms. 

There had been a threat of a broadcast blackout during the Women’s World Cup after FIFA president Gianni Infantino described offers from broadcasters in France Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK as ‘a slap in the face’. 

ITV and BBC ultimately agreed a £9m deal with FIFA to show all 64 matches after Mail Sport reported that the UK government had stepped in to push the broadcasters to reach a deal. 

The Lionesses made history today appearing in their first ever Women’s World Cup final 

Fans slammed the BBC’s coverage online with several claiming they were swapping over to the ITV stream

Yet it seems some fans have been left unhappy with the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup final with one replying to Keegan, saying: ‘BBC’s match coverage is abysmal. Turnded over for the same reason.’

Another added, ‘Joining the exodus from BBC coverage to ITV because of the intrusive Spanish commentary. This is not a decision that sits easily with me!’

‘Blimey the BBC coverage isn’t good. The commentator’s voice is on the way out and the Spanish commentary in the background is annoying. Turning over to ITV,’ one claimed. 

Another Twitter user added ‘Why can we hear the Spanish commentator in the background on the BBC TV coverage?’

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