Elvis fans stunned to find he had orgasm while singing on stage in leather pants

Elvis Presley fans were left feeling disturbed when they found out the King of Rock and Roll had an orgasm while performing.

A woman took to TikTok to detail the story when Elvis appeared on the iconic 1968 TV special to mark his triumphant return to music after some success in movies.

Calling it a "fun Elvis fact she learned against her will", she mentioned the black leather outfit Elvis wore in the special TV event.

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Quoting from musical director Steve Binder's book 68 Comeback Special, she turned to page 96 and read: "Now there are a lot of rumours that when Elvis came backstage after the first session he was dripping with sweat from the hot lights, when (costume designer) Bill Belew [took off] his shirt and pants, he discovered that Elvis had orgasmed during his performance.

"All I can remember is Bill running up to me, pants in hand, showing me the caking stain and asking me what he should do to remove the semen from inside the leather pants.

"Bill was freaking out because he didn’t know if there’d be enough time to dry the pants before the next session.

"He gathered up his wardrobe staff and all the hairdryers he could find to get the job done.

"I learned another ‘director lesson’ at that moment, never make just one pair of clothes for any star."

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Viewers were shocked and some fans were eager to find out which song he was performing when he had an orgasm.

One commented: "What would he be thinking about? How did he get that friction? What song was he singing as he did? Too many questions."

"Was it from gyrating on the floor?" a second wrote while a third joked: "It's a missed opportunity that this wasn't on page 69 in the book."


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