Ed Sheeran Insists Lewis Capaldi Collaboration Is Pretty Good Although It Wont Appear in New LP

The ‘Shape of You’ singer reveals he has penned a ‘pretty good’ song with the ‘Before You Go’ hitmaker although the song won’t feature in his next studio installment.

AceShowbizEd Sheeran has written a song with Lewis Capaldi – but he isn’t sure when or if it will be released.

The “Shape of You” hitmaker admitted the tune will not appear on his next project and he isn’t sure if Lewis will include the song on his next release, but he has teased fans the track is “pretty good.”

“He’s great… we wrote a tune, and it’s actually pretty good,” he said during an interview on “The Hits Radio Breakfast Show with Fleur East“. “It’s not for my thing and I don’t know if it’s gonna end up on his project, but we definitely wrote a tune that was good.”

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter and Lewis formed a bond after the “Someone You Loved” hitmaker was the support act at some of Ed’s Divide Tour shows – and the pair have shared “long chats about life.”

“Most of my lockdown was spent on the phone to him,” he added. “I met him at those gigs, he came and opened up for me. He reminds me so much of myself on my first album… I know how much pressure he’s putting on himself and the label’s putting on him, and everyone else in the world on his second album.”

“And second albums are so important so we just called a lot, and just we’ve had long chats about life.”

Lewis previously admitted Ed advised him that fame “doesn’t change you” but “everyone else around you” alters, and the 24-year-old singer/songwriter has always remembered his pal’s wise words.

“What was interesting about Ed, he was like, ‘Just remember fame doesn’t change you, it changes everyone else around you.’ That was pretty heavy but also it’s a good point, I don’t feel any different or anything. He’s been great, me and Ed have kept in touch and he’s been lovely,” he said.

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