Drivers with messy cars could land themselves £5k fine and even jail sentence

Let's be honest, we've all been guilty of leaving our cars dirty.

We're talking fast food packaging, coffee cups and even empty drink bottles.

But did you know that leaving your car filthy could risk hefty fines and even a prison sentence?

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That's right, messy drivers could face a £5,000 fine, as well as penalty points on their licence, for keeping their car grim.

While it might seem like an innocent mistake, a piece of trash could become loose and lodge itself under the pedals.

Experts from ClickMechanic have shared dangers of having a dirty car.

Andrew Jervis, co-founder of the marketplace, said: "Few of us can honestly say we've never left a little rubbish in our vehicles.

"However, it's important to be aware of all of the potential hazards and empty drinks containers are one of the most common.

"They can move around as we drive and if one manages to roll its way into the pedal area, it could spell disaster."

He said in extreme cases it might be looked at as a case of driving without due care and attention.

Drivers who break that rule could receive up to nine penalty points and a fine of £5,000.

And if the crash leads to serious injuries or death, it could earn them a lengthy ban, as well as face time behind bars.

Rule 237 of the Highway Code states motorists must drive with due car and attention.

It can be dealt with at the roadside by way of a £100 fine and three points on your licence.

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However, more serious offences can result in between three and nine penalty points and a discretionary fine of up to £5,000.

Andrew added: "There seems to be a correlation between a messy car and drivers who ignore more serious issues with their motors.

"It's definitely worth getting into the habit of keeping your vehicle clean and tidy.

"And if you think there is anything wrong mechanically get it checked out by a training mechanic."

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