Do YOU know what the buttons on McDonald's drink lids are for?

McDonald’s fans are only just realising what the buttons on top of their drinks lids are for – and the hidden message they contain

  •  The explainer video explains what all the buttons on the drinks lid do
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Fans of fast food giant McDonald’s are suddenly looking at their drinks lids a little closer – after it was revealed exactly what the ridges and buttons on the top of them do.

The ‘Today Year’s Old’ Twitter account, which uses the handle @todayyearsoldig and enlightens people with a continuous stream of quirky facts, posted a video showing exactly why the drinks lid carries a series of complicated-looking buttons and ridges. 

The close-cam video shows a finger pushing in the buttons around a red straw on the drink lid of a beverage from the fast-food chain.  

Many people commented that they already knew what the circular buttons are for – correctly guessing that they show what the contents of the cup are to employees and consumers. 

Push the button: The fast food giant’s lids come with two types of button on them

For example, each circular button is labelled with a different drink – including ‘diet’, ‘cola’, ‘RB’ (Root Beer) or ‘other’.

Next to each round button is the smaller, rectangular button, which serves its own lesser-known purpose.

If a server has clicked down the wrong circular button – say a cola, instead of a diet cola – they can re-set the lid by clicking on the ridge next to the button they’ve pressed, and start all over again. 

After the video was posted there was a slew of comments from people sharing ‘mind-blown’ memes.

Need to re-set your cup lid? Simply push down on the rectangular button next to the circular one

And it pops right back up again…

The video has now been watched more than 2million times, with nearly 7,000 likes.

One person admitted: ‘Okay, usually I know these. I knew about pushing in the bubble, but I had no clue what that rectangular extrusion was.’

Another penned: ‘Whaaatt? Those were reset buttons?’ 

It’s thought the lids differ from country to country. While root beer is popular in the US, it’s not served in many other countries – cups in the UK have a much simpler lay-out. 

McDonald’s staff have previously shared a numbered code that also exists on some lids – with some carrying a ‘1’ or a ‘2’. 

Employees enlightened social media users, saying the numbers also represent no caffeine (1) and (2) diet or light drinks.

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