Dear Priyanka And Nick: Please Post More Candid Social Media Photos

As unpredictable as life can be, one thing’s for sure: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas will continue showing the world how besotted they are with each other on social media. Be it a posed, glamorous red-carpet moment, or cozy at-home content, their social media accounts are overflowing with spouse-appreciation posts tailor-made for their combined 121 million followers.

And why shouldn’t they be? The two exchanged their first flirtations on Instagram when Nick slid into his now-wife’s DMs, after all. It seems only natural that they’d stay dedicated to the platforms that brought them together and publicly celebrate their relationship.

Turns out though, there’s more to gather from these posts than you may have initially thought. They point to aspects of Priyanka and Nick’s offline relationship—stuff us normals wouldn’t typically have insight on. Now, you might scroll though the ol’ gram and try to analyze their posts on your own (I mean, what else are you really doing atm?), but there’s a good chance you’d miss out on some major intel. Sleuthing like that is better left to experts likeNaomi Arbit, PhD, a behavioral scientist and strategist in New York and Joseph J. Plaud, PhD, clinical psychologist and executive director of Applied Behavioral Consultants.

A deep dive into Nick and Priyanka’s Instagram and Twitter accounts convinced them that the couple loves each other, sure, but they love each other differently—Priyanka lifts Nick up and focuses on his accomplishments, whereas Nick lets the images and what he’s doing in them do most of the talking. Allow them to explain:

Nick feels proud to be Priyanka’s husband.

Nick’s caption, “Hello beautiful” (which, major TBT, happens to be the name of a classic JoBros song) isn’t the most elaborate caption, but “he [regularly] pays homage to [Priyanka] in rather short spurts of words,” Plaud points out, making the subject of his photos the center of attention. “This photo, like many of their photos, shows the couple deeply and adoringly gazing into one another’s eyes, suggesting they’re very infatuated with one another,” adds Arbit. Nick’s posting it “shows how proud he is to be married to Priyanka. He definitely gets a boost by being able to show her off as his wife.”

But, she adds, it’s very staged like the majority of the photos the couple posts. “It raises the question of how comfortable they are with showing up fully, authentically and messily.”

Priyanka cherishes every moment she can spend with Nick.

“The choice of the caption ‘life as it should be’ suggests that this is a state Priyanka aspires to be in more frequently,” says Arbit. Her words suggest she’s especially appreciative of the moments when Nick can be her side despite their hectic work schedules. It makes clear that some of her happiest moments are when they’re together. This sense of “we” is something that’s reflected in her social media a lot. Arbit’s sure to point out, though, that Priyanka’s life doesn’t revolve around Nick or anything, but she does love having him as her life companion, Arbit says.

Again, this photo is staged and seems to project a certain image of their relationship to the public, Arbit points out. It doesn’t mean they care about each other any less, but candid moments tend to showcase stronger and more genuine connections.

Priyanka is Nick’s biggest fan and she wants everyone to know it.

After a look through Priyanka’s feed, Plaud notices that like a doting wife, Priyanka frequently hypes up her man. Of course, he considers that after only a year of marriage, they’re still in the honeymoon phase, but it’s still a big deal that “Priyanka puts focus and energy into not only [Nick] but his career and accomplishments,” he says. If Plaud were to guess why, he’d chalk it up to Nick and Priyanka’s age difference. “As she is 10 years older than him and has established herself on many fronts in both India and the United States,” she’s dedicated to supporting Nick and his career moves.

No one and nothing can get in between them.

This is the photo that proves this romance isn’t just for show. It “captures the couple in a genuine moment of connection,” says Arbit. “Here they are happily gazing into each other’s eyes. Priyanka seems very happy to be with Nick, and is proud to show off their love for each other.” In this moment, it’s just Priyanka and Nick soaking each other in despite the camera and the party surrounding them—unbothered by who might be watching them.

Nick’s top priority is Priyanka’s happiness and she appreciates that.

Santa drove in on my bat mobile!! Aaaah! My husband knows me so well! Thank you baby. I love you! #christmas ❄️🎄❤️…

Once you get past Nick’s A-plus gift-giving abilities, focus on how grateful Nick and Priyanka are for the other in their posts. Just seeing Priyanka smile means the world to Nick, while Priyanka feels all that love from her husband who knew just what she wanted.

Nick’s Instagram photo of Priyanka is a major display of adoration. “He seems to identify highly with having her as his wife, and displays a lot of admiration and infatuation for her,” Arbit says of the solo shot. And Priyanka’s post on Twitter highlights the gift Nick got her which points to his understanding of the way she receives love. “She clearly appreciates being adored by Nick and receiving (and being able to showcase) all the perks of being his wife.”

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