Danica Patrick on Investing in CBD — and How She and Aaron Rodgers Are Handling Self-Isolation

Danica Patrick is all-in on promoting health and wellness — and now, she’s doing that by investing in something she says really works: CBD.

Patrick invested in company Beam, which sells pharmaceutical-grade products made with natural ingredients and THC-free CBD oil, she announced this week.

“I just think that it’s part of investing in your health,” she says of her involvement in Beam.

Patrick says Beam is “special” because its founders Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran are, too, ex-athletes — the former a hockey player and the latter a baseball player.

“The first thing I did was get on the phone with them and hear their story and what they wanted to do and all about the product,” the retired NASCAR driver explains. “I just really believe in them.”

Continues Patrick, 38, “After I got the product and I realized just how legitimate and how effective it was, I went into the investment side of the company, as well. So not only am I helping promote the product and being an ambassador for them, but I also invested in the company. It’s just a really, really high-quality, effective product.”

Patrick mainly uses the company’s salve, the Fixer — which she says she rubs on sore muscles; the Beam’s oil, called the One — Patrick likes it for achieving a deeper sleep; and Dream, a CBD blend of “natural sleep agents” that helps you fall asleep.

She’s also a fan of the blend Clarity, which she says she sometimes mixes with yogurt or oatmeal to promote focus.

“When you have a high-quality CBD, I just think that your body is craving these natural medicines that exist, right?” says the former driver. “We don’t have to go to a lab and make something up. These things already exist in nature and I think our body just really responds well to natural things. The natural body responds to natural ingredients.”

Patrick — who hosts the Pretty Intense podcast — has been increasingly focused on wellness during the current coronavirus pandemic. She’s been hosting workouts live on Instagram to promote a sense of “community” and “connection” while most of the country quarantines or self-isolates at home to stop the spread of the virus.

“I really think that in this time it’s become obvious to me that it’s very natural to want to spend time with people and to connect and to have a community and to have a group of friends,” says Patrick. “I just think that in all of history we’ve seen that too. Has there ever been a time in history where it’s just all based on isolation? I don’t think so. So it’s about community and it’s about sharing what I have.”

Patrick has been self-isolating with boyfriend, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The pair have been staying busy, taking online classes, cooking and catching up with friends and family through the phone.

“I’m learning a little bit more Spanish,” Patrick says. “Aaron got Rosetta Stone on his phone, so we’re learning languages.”

She continues, “I still got guitar on my list to practice, but I haven’t done that. So yeah, watching shows, watching movies. Like everyone else, we’ve watched Tiger King.”

Rodgers and Patrick are used to life on the move, so staying home for an extended period of time is unique. When the world eventually returns to normal, Patrick says, “There’s trips that have been canceled and things that have changed. What’s going to happen when it’s over? Do we have a plan? It’s just to pick up where we left off.”

In the meantime, she encourages others stuck at home amid the pandemic to focus on improving their health and wellness.

“What a good time to let this be a reminder to take care of our bodies,” says Patrick.

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