Curvy babe ditches clothes to flaunt bruises, red lumps and spots in bikini

A curvy babe stripped to lingerie to show off her "bruises, lumps and white spots".

Karina Irby is known for flaunting her curves to her over 1million Instagram followers and now she's shared a close-up of her skin.

She recently posed in her undies to remind people "imperfections" are normal in a bid to send a body positive message.

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The blonde beauty slipped into baby blue lace undies to show off her natural bod.

She looked amazing as she smiled for the camera, and flaunted her curves, but she also drew attention to her skin.

Karina said she was having an "itchy body day" due to her skin, and wanted other women to know it's normal for them to experience such things too.

Writing on Instagram, Karina said: "I woke up covered in black bruises, red bumps and white dry spots.

"Instead of letting my emotions get the best of me I put on one of my fave sets and empowered myself in front of the camera.

"I know how this sounds. I hear it too. But there’s something powerful about owning what you got, and making it glow instead of covering it up.

"Imperfections make us uniquely ourselves. And even though I’m a hot itchy mess, I can safely say NO ONE on the planet comes close to looking like me. Especially with my patchy markings.

"Kind reminder – Please don’t doctor me in the comments. Whatever you suggest to try to 'heal me' – I’ve tried it.

"I’m also exhausted trying to fix myself. This is just who I am and I’m an expert at managing now. Thank you kindly."

In the pictures you could clearly see Karina's bruises, patches of white skin and little indentations too.

She truly showed what women's bodies look like in their natural form, and reminded people that nobody has an airbrushed, Photoshopped body, so it's important to be careful what you compare yourself to on social media.

Many people love the fact the content she produces is so real and authentic as over 27,000 fans liked the post so far.

One person said: "I wish more women would post their natural bodies and stop posting edited pictures, cellulite and stretch marks etc are all part of being human.

"I hate seeing so highly edited pictures, it’s not realistic to see 100% smooth skin. Keep up the good work."

Another added: "I’m sure most men wouldn’t mind. Nothing like being real and authentic, especially these days."

A third also chirped in: "I know this all too well.

"So many photo shoots I’m so bruised because I was itching myself with a credit card and a fork. Like an itch stick.

"I’m sending you healing vibes."


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