Cringey woman sobs as vomit-inducing love surge video with fella is trolled

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    A lovestruck woman was left in tears after receiving cruel – but understandable – backlash over a "cringey" video she posted demonstrating a "love surge" with her husband.

    Lilianna Wilde, from Los Angeles, has racked up nearly 200,000 followers on TikTok, where she documents sappy moments of married life with her husband of five years, Sean Kolar.

    But last month the couple were met with a negative reaction when they decided to video and share what they dubbed "the cringiest, most coupley thing ever".

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    TikToker Lillianna, 34, stood in her kitchen as she said: "This is called a love surge and we do this when one of us has like so much love in our limbs that we can't contain it".

    Sean could be seen standing behind her grinning and wriggling his body as Lilianna continued: "So Sean is having a love surge right now".

    He then wrapped his arms around her tightly and began jiggling his body even more until Lilianna also started shaking.

    Explaining how the love surge works, Lilianna added: "He's gonna wrap around me and shake with the electricity of love until I catch it too and start shaking, and then you explode with a love surge."

    The couple both opened their arms widely before Sean took a deep breath and said: "I feel so much better."

    He ended the video by adding: "So much love was just surged."

    The video has since received a whopping seven million views but viewers struggled to get on board with the cringey act.

    "This video made me consider breaking up with my bf just to make sure I never risk experiencing a love surge", one person commented.

    Another wrote: "I say this from the kindest place in my soul… I pray my husband never loves me this much My God".

    "It's funny because I'm getting the complete opposite of a love surge watching this," a third added.

    Another viewer noted: "This is the grown up version of the couples that cuddle in w middle of the hallway at school".

    While others joked they need "love surge repellent".

    But Lilianna claimed the reaction turned even more hateful as she broke down crying while responding to the flood of "really mean, hurtful comments" in another TikTok video.

    "I didn't expect that much hate on the video. A lot of the duets and stitches are really funny and I laughed a lot, I can take a joke and I can laugh at myself but then some of the comments got really mean," she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

    Lilianna claimed trolls had taken the hate so far that she'd received messages from strangers wishing the couple would "cheat" on each other, that she'd become a victim of domestic violence or even "unalive" herself.

    "If the goal was to make me sad, you did it, you won," she added.

    This time her comment section was flooded with support.

    "I cannot even lie that the love surge vid made my whole body RECOIL but I can also appreciate the love between you two & that’s all that should matter," one person wrote.

    A second added: "The mean comments are from people who have never had a 'love surge', and with that attitude, never will. Keep living in love and light."

    "Very sad surge," another said.

    In another follow-up, the couple called the experience a "rollercoaster" as they thanked people for their "kindness" on Lilianna's emotional video.

    Lilianna captioned the post: "I’m actually overwhelmed with how many people sent me nice messages or comments and encouraged me to protect our joy. love surge forever lol.

    "I hope there is someone in your life that makes you feel love like this, and if you haven't met them yet, I hope you meet them soon. sending you a big love surge."

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