Covid Christmas boost as WHO RULES out need for lockdown: Dont be blinded

EU Commission taking new Covid variant 'very seriously'

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The Wolrd Health Organisation (WHO) cheif said at press conference in Geneva today where he warned that more lockdowns are not necessary, despite concenrs that the Omicron varient could have “severe consequences”. Tedros Adhanom said that much of the developed world has seen successful vaccination programmes that have saved many lives, helping to “quell the pandemic”.

Intstead of lockdowns, Mr Adhanom said that continuing to roll out vaccines is going to prove more effective than more lockdowns, which he referred to as a “last resort”.

He said: “Vaccines save lives, but they do not fully prevent infection or transmition. 

“Until we reach high levels of vaccination in every country, supressing transmition remains essential.

“We don’t mean lockdowns, which are a last resort in the most extreme circumstances.

“We mean a tailored and comprehensive package of measure that strike a balance between the potecting the rights, freedoms and livelihoods of individuals while protecting thehealth and safety of the most vulnerable members of communities.” 


It comes after cases of the Omicrom variant, the new strain of COVID-19, were found in the UK after it was first identified in South Africa on November 9.

The WHO warned that there was preliminary evidence that this “variant of concern” could pose a greater rsik to people who could fall ill with Covid for a second time. 

It has also been suggested that Omicrom is more transmissible than other strains of the virus. 

There have so far been nine cases reported in the UK, with three cases reported in England and six in Scotland.

This is a breaking story. More to follow.

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