Coronavirus: X Factor’s Diana Vickers encourages fans to masturbate to stay safe

X Factor star Diana Vickers has encouraged her fans to masturbate to ensure they stick to social distancing, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The blonde bombshell, who appeared on the talent contest in 2008, shared a humorous video of her doing a cover of Dua Lipa's track One Kiss, but she had changed the lyrics to tie in with the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer, who was accompanied by a friend on the piano, sang: "One kiss is all it takes, so please just masturbate."

She also went as far as to completely change one of the verses too, seeing her sing: "It's been some days of quarantining.

"And life is slowly losing meaning.

"I got all my exes in my inbox.

"They're all horny and keep hitting me up."

Taking it to the bridge, she continued: "If there's a virus in you-ou-ou,

"Don't come f***ing close to me-e-e,

"It's really not what I nee-ee-eed,

"I won't be tempted with moves and your nudes."

Pressing home the point of safety first, Diana, 28, captioned the photo: "One kiss is all it takes so please just masturbate.

"A Friday night banner for you kids. Stay safe and keep your distance, no matter how tempting it is."

And it seemed like the message got through, as fans flocked to the comments section.

One follower said: "So good."

While another continued: "Absolutely living for these."

A third added: "Best one yet hun."

Diana has been sharing a wealth of coronavirus safety-related videos, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Watch this space!

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