Coronavirus: Six ways for contact wearers to prevent infection with the deadly disease

Coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and their saliva droplets land on surfaces and clothes nearby. Touched by somebody else, who then touches their eye, the disease has now claimed a new victim.

Optometrist, John Dreyer said: “In these challenging times, it’s very important that people take extra steps to ensure they’re less likely to contract coronavirus.

“This goes for everyone including contact lens wearers, who are potentially at a higher chance of getting the virus if they aren’t careful with their lenses.

“Caution must come in at every stage of using contact lenses, as the virus may enter through your eyes if you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure your hygiene procedure is correct.”


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To help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, have put together the following six tips.

1. Wash hands thoroughly before inserting or removing contact lenses

Coronavirus can stick on surfaces, such as your hands. This is why it’s vital to wash your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses.

Otherwise, you could contract the virus as it enters your body via your eyes.

2. Daily lenses are the safest contact lenses to use

Although more costly than other contact lenses, they are a great choice for many different types of people.

Extremely convenient to use, daily contact lenses are the safest option for your eye health.

This is because every day starts with a new pair of fresh, clean and sterile contact lenses.

3. Change solutions in your contact lens case daily

If you decide you’d rather use reusable contact lenses, it’s crucial to make sure you’re using a fresh solution every day.

A fresh solution ensures your lenses are clean before you place them in your eye.

4. Change contact lens storage cases weekly

It’s always the most hygienic practice to regularly replace your case, as it may become dirty over time.

Protect yourself from a possible coronavirus infection by replacing your case on a weekly basis.

5. Never share your contact lenses

Sharing contact lenses, be it coloured lenses or those for sight, can potentially lead to infection.

This risk is heightened with the onset of coronavirus, as you may contract it from someone’s dirty contact lens when you share them.


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6. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Since the virus can enter your body via your eyes, it’s important to avoid all unnecessary contact with your eyes.

This includes rubbing them when feeling tired, and habitual eye touching you may not even realise you’re doing. recommend wearing contact lenses for about 12 to 16 hours at most.

After that, it’s best to take them off at night to give your yes a break.

The business adds: “If you wear them throughout the week, give your eyes a rest day on the weekend too.”

Additionally, reports that there is no need to stockpile contact lenses.

It states: “There are plenty in stock for immediate delivery.”

While opticians are closed during this lockdown, you can order your contact lenses from

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