Celebrities are loving this £99 at-home teeth whitening kit that mimics professional results

When it comes to celebrities' pearly white smiles, we often put them down to hours spent in a dentist’s chair, not to mention a sizeable sum of money spent to maintain their gleaming teeth.

However, for some celebs it turns out they prefer a more affordable at-home approach, opting for DIY kits and whitening products that help them maintain their famous smiles without having to venture to a dental office.

Teeth whitening brand Polished London has become the go-to brand for a whole host of celebs, including formerLove Islanders Kady McDermottandJoanna Chimonides, Geordie Shore starChloe Ferry, and TV presenterJoe Swash, who all rely on products from the brand to keep their teeth pearly white.

With a whole host of different teeth whitening products available from the brand, you can choose which method you prefer to give your teeth a glow up, from strips and gels for an intense boost to mouthwashes and toothpaste to help maintain your new shade.

One of the most efficient ways to help brighten up your smile is with The Teeth Whitener Bundle, £99 here, which contains teeth whitening strips and powder, as well as a whitening pen and full kit with gel, trays and an LED light, all of which help tackle even the most stubborn stains.

Although currently available to buy, anyone hoping to get their hands on the bundle will have to wait until after November 24 for it to be delivered. However, if you don’t want to wait that long to start brightening up your smile, you can still get your hands on each of the products individually.

The Polished London Teeth Whitening Powder, £23.99 here (was £28.99), was created to help with particularly stubborn stains, especially those caused by daily lifestyle choices, so if you’re a smoker, an ardent coffee drinker, or have noticed your regular glass or red wine has started to stain your teeth, this is the product for you.

You can use it alongside your usual dental routine as it’s non-abrasive and enamel-safe, and it makes sure you’re not left with any sensitivity. Simply dampen your toothbrush with water and dip it into the powder, making sure the bristles are evenly covered, then brush your teeth for two minutes before rinsing well.

The Polished London Teeth Whitening Strips, £22.99 here, are also ideal for giving your smile a pearly boost, with one Amazon reviewer saying they’d seen results almost instantly, writing: “I noticed a difference after 2 treatments, I definitely recommend these to anyone wanting a safe way of whitening their teeth."

Maintenance is the secret to keeping your new smile looking celeb-worthy, so using the Ultra White Whitening Toothpaste, £9.99 here (was £11.99), combined with an electric toothbrush like the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Sonic Toothbrush, £140 here (was £149), means your teeth are getting an in-depth clean at the same time, helping keep those stains at bay.

Celeb-worthy teeth without even having to leave the house? Count us in.

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