Bride called 'selfish' for stopping friend proposing at her wedding

A friendship group has been left in tatters after one man asked his soon to be married friends if he could propose at their wedding – and they said no.

Posting to Reddit, a woman said that she and her fiancé had been best friends with another couple, John and Holly (not their real names), since college. 

They all got together around the same time and had been ‘inseparable’ ever since.

In the run up to the wedding, John decided he wanted to propose to Holly, so he told his two besties about his plans.

‘Me and my fiance were over the moon for him and I was excited for another wedding!’ the woman wrote.

‘So I asked him when he planned to propose and that we’d be down to help with the proposal and everything. 

‘He smiled and then said that he was thankful and said that he’d love to propose to Holly at our wedding.

‘Before I said anything he showed me a video of a bride giving her bridesmaid her bouquet instead of tossing it and then the man proposing. He then said I’d love to do something like this.’

Awkward! The bride-to-be and her fiance were left speechless.

‘I took a deep breath and said “no John it wouldn’t be okay – as much as I love you and Holly and more than happy you guys are getting engaged, I don’t want that done at my wedding, but I’d be more than happy to help you plan a separate event and I think Holly wouldn’t be too thrilled to get proposed [to] at someone’s wedding”,’ the woman continued. 

‘Holly had told me before that she found people who get engaged at people’s weddings tacky.’

John wouldn’t budge, calling the couple selfish and saying that, if the roles were reversed, he’d say yes in a heartbeat. 

Then things got heated: ‘I blew up at him and called him tacky and cheap! 

‘I said “us and our families aren’t not shelling out thousands for you to propose at our wedding – it’s embarrassing you can propose to Holly even a day after or day before or even the day of but just not at my wedding or venue. Holly will cringe and find it embarrassing”. 

‘He said he didn’t think he’d been friends with such selfish and rude people for all these years.’

Her fiancé reiterated her comments and asked John to leave. Now they’re no longer speaking and Holly is none the wiser.

The vast majority of commenters agreed that John’s idea was tacky. 

‘Making someone else’s day about you IS tacky and seems like a lazy way to do a proposal with not much thought,’ wrote one person.

Another person said it was ‘very weird’ of John to potentially blow up a friendship over this.

‘If Holly talks to you, I would say you and your fiancé had an argument with John, and if she wants to know more she should talk to John first,’ they wrote.

‘That way you won’t spoil the proposal. 

‘Of course John will paint you in the worst light, but it’s likely this friendship is over anyway. Then hopefully she will reach out to you to hear your side.’

Most people said it was common knowledge that you shouldn’t propose at someone else’s wedding..

‘I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to do that at weddings,’ wrote one person.

‘Like if I’m spending thousands of dollars I want this one day to be about me and my partner.’

Honestly, we agree. Would you let your friend propose at your wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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