Adult content director proposes to girlfriend with bum tattoo at awards ceremony

Most people wouldn't think a "butt proposal" would be the most romantic way to get engaged.

However, it seemed to work for Alt Erotic porn director Ivan and his partner Misha Montana.

The couple got engaged during a live red carpet streaming while at Alt Star Magazine's annual Alt Porn Awards in LA this week.

Misha Montana, who has been named as Alt Erotic's Chief Brand Officer, thought that she was going to get a tattoo lesson from fellow Alt Erotic Brand Ambassador and “Tattooing Pornstar” Evilyn Ink.

The plan was simple – Misha Montana was coming off a massive stroke a little over a month prior, and now due to her medication could not get any more tattoos.

Ivan was stepping up for the couple to start his Alt Modelling transformation.

He said: "For weeks Misha was asking what she will be tattooing on me.

"I kept telling her whatever she draws would be great, so she drew a cute stick figure cat.

"I had other ideas in mind. A good friend Samantha Mack suggested a butt proposal tattoo, and the plan was hatched."

He continued: "Five days before the awards show, our Brand Ambassador and tattoo artist Joshua Gray did the honours of tattooing my butt proposal.

"Then the handful of us who knew about this had to keep this secret and I had to keep Misha from seeing my a** cheek.

"This was the highlight of my life, and seeing Misha’s reaction sealed it for me. She is truly my soulmate.

"The proposal was by far the most unique and emotional any red carpet can bring, in any form of entertainment."

Ivan documented the proposal teaser for fans in a YouTube video. The couple's YouTube channel “2 Russians 1 America” is a spin-off from Alt Erotic’s project “Twisted Crowd”.

Misha added: "I was so overwhelmed with love by what Ivan surprised me with at the awards.

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"I have been through a lot the past few months, and this was such a beautiful gesture.

"I’m so happy and I can’t wait to see what the future holds."

Meanwhile elsewhere in the world of weddings and tattoos, a couple happily showed off their array of body ink as they recently got hitched in Finland.

Influencer and mum-of-three Aleksandra Jasmin took to her Instagram page to share photos of her wedding day.

The first snap saw freehand tattoo artist flaunt her body ink in he embellished cream wedding dress as she smoked a cigarette.

She was also seen posing with her new husband, who is also covered in tattoos, as well as an inked-up pal – who Aleksandra had on a leash.

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