6-Year-Old Girl Has Adorable Dance-Off with Grandfather — 6 Feet Apart!

Kira Neely, 6, loves spending quality time with her grandfather — even when they have to stand six feet apart.

Though hugs are off the table due to social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, Kira found a new way to hang out with her “Papa” by way of a heartwarming dance-off.

Mom Sherrie Neely wrote on Facebook that her parents live across the street from her and her daughter in Nashville, and so the group is used to spending lots of time together.

“Kira loves her ‘Papa’ so much and they’ve now started daily ‘dance offs’ since the virus is keeping them separated,” Neely wrote. “My dad is turning 81 years old next month and I’ve never seen him dance, but he’s really putting forth great effort and has some special moves!!!!”

In a video of one of their dance-offs, Kira leads things off by grooving to “ABC” by The Jackson Five. She then passes things off to her grandpa, who shows off some twirls that leave Kira doubled over in laughter.

Eventually, Kira debuts some fancy footwork before the two start dancing together at the same time.

Neely told Good Morning America that Kira and her grandfather, Marvin, are exceptionally close, and that he even attends father-daughter events at her school.

“It’s been a really special relationship because otherwise it would just be the two of us. Having mom and dad next door, it’s been such a wonderful thing for Kira because our family is larger,” she told the outlet.

Though Kira’s been upset she hasn’t been able to see her grandparents, they did FaceTime once, and she will sometimes go outside and kick a ball back and forth, or draw a picture and hang it up for them to see.

The dance-off was also her idea.

“She was very much up for the challenge and had her game face on and my dad of course immediately embraced it,” Neely told GMA. “My dad would do anything she asked him to do. Dancing had not been one of those things but I was surprised at how good he was.”

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