6 Best Easter Bonnets 2020 | The Sun UK

EASTER IS ABOUT much more than just chocolate eggs for kids.

It's a day of crafts, Easter egg hunts, family fun and making – and wearing – the best Easter bonnet for the occasion.

There are tons of different styles of Easter bonnet for kids to wear – and craft.

A child's straw bonnet, boater or cowboy hat is easy to come by, and you'll find them in a range of colours.

You can also find kits which include a bonnet and Easter decorations for kids to stick on – perfect for an afternoon of crafting fun.

Paper bonnets are another way to get crafty this Easter and allow kids to put their own individual stamp on their Easter bonnet, painting it, sticking feathers onto it, or covering it with pompoms and sequins.

Of course, an Easter bonnet is also all about the animal of the occasion: rabbits. Rabbit ear headbands and fluffy hats are perfect for the occasion and don't involve any DIY.

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