2 women are going to incredible lengths to recreate the looks of famous characters using only what they have in their closets

  • Two British women are recreating the looks of iconic characters like Miss Trunchbull and Mary Poppins from items they already have in their wardrobes. 
  • Chloe Mead and Harriet Clare's coronavirus lockdown project called Covid Closet has been wowing people on social media with each look's incredible accuracy.
  • Clare told Insider that they first came up with the idea simply after Mead put her hair up and they thought she looked like Little My from "The Moomins."
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Two British women are inspiring others to go rooting through their wardrobes and have some fun while staying at home.

Chloe Mead, 28, and Harriet Clare, 29, have started a project called Covid Closet that sees Mead dressing up as iconic characters — and the whole outfit is put together using clothes and props they find at home.

So far, Mead and Clare have recreated the likes of Miss Trunchbull from "Matilda," Mary Poppins, Mr. Bean, and more, all with an uncanny resemblance.

"We first came up with the idea when Chloe put her hair up and it looked like Little My from 'The Moomins,' and so decided to complete the outfit to send to our friends," Clare told Insider.

"We then thought it would be funny if people challenged her to dress up, so she put a message on Instagram requesting challenges and Jack Sparrow was the first. It seemed to make people (and ourselves) laugh so we decided to carry it on!"

Originally, they simply posted video clips of each character on Twitter and Instagram, but as a buzz around the project grew, the duo began going to greater lengths for each shoot, with professional photographer Clare taking snaps.

"It is a combination of years of charity shop shopping, the complete inability to throw anything out, the fact that Chloe's Mom and Dad (both teachers) have kept costumes and props from countless school plays, and a little bit of creativity," Clare said.

All the images have been taken in Mead's parents' house and garden in West Sussex, England (where both women are currently living) "with the one exception of Frodo, which was taken on our (one permissible) daily walk on the South Downs," Clare explained. 

She believes the possibilities are "endless" when it comes to outfits, "but as we are confined to our house and garden we will definitely have to get more creative with what we've got so it doesn't become repetitive (the blonde wig has already featured three times)."

Miss Trunchbull

Mary Poppins

Edward Scissorhands

Frodo Baggins

Elton John

Joe Exotic

Little My

Jack Sparrow

Elle Woods

Mr Bean

Cruella de Vil

My Little Pony

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